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10 WordPress Time Savers: Plugins to Do More in Less Time

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We all seem to be way too busy. The time pressure is real and it seems to follow us everywhere and in everything we do. Most of us work for 40+ hours a week including deadlines and meetings, plus, there are so many distractions that leave us out of time.To save a little bit of a day time, people try to figure out different time saving techniques, strategies and develop habits to be able to save some precious time during the day.

And the good news is that there are a couple of tips and ways to save time with WordPress as well. My own tips involve a list of plugins. There are, actually, some great plugins out there that work out of the box and help you do more things while spending less of your valuable time. They handle most of the tasks, that otherwise you’d have to do on your own, and leave you with more time to focus on yourself. So, without wasting time let’s get to the list and find out which those time savers are.


Google Analytics WD

With Google Analytics WD you don’t have to switch between your GA account and your website to check for stats. Because it lets you access all of your GA reports right from your site dashboard. Moreover, it comes with an overview page, where you can quickly check some of your audience reports, real time visitors, geo location of your users, etc. It has a number of built-in reporting types that give you detailed reports on your site audience, browsers and devices used on your site, user demographics, together with AdSense and Adwords reports and more. Apart from that, you can set custom reports, set and easily manage goals, and use filters to exclude unwanted data from the reports. The plugin is easy to set up and has a user-friendly backend.


Mailchimp WD

If you want to create beautiful subscription forms in just minutes you should check out Mailchimp WD. It seamlessly integrates with Mailchimp and comes with a super advanced form editor, which makes it quick and easy to create stunning forms. You can customize the form header, choose the form theme and add custom form fields to the forms, which include PayPal integration, file uploading option, custom and country select, several survey tools and more. Moreover, it comes with a conditional fields functionality, which allows you to have specific form fields displayed/hidden from your visitors, depending on the selections they make. Mailchimp WD is fully customizable and comes with its own advanced emailing options.



CoSchedule is a real time and life saver when it comes to content marketing and social scheduling. It’s a functional editorial calendar allowing you to automate all of your social sharing, plan blog posts and collaborate with your team members. You can share tasks, upload resources, mark deadlines and save a lot of time in communication between your team members. The calendar integrates with a number of tools you’d definitely like working with, such as Evernote and Google notes, Google analytics, Headline analyzer, etc. The plugin will also take care of your social shares and monitor social traffic.



Akismet does a great job in monitoring your comments section and form submissions against spammy content. It automatically checks your comments section and filters out the ones that look like spam right away. Each comment has a status history and site administrators can see the number of approved comments for every user. The good thing about it is that the plugin already comes with WordPress and you just have to activate it.


Theme Check

Theme Check offers an easy way to check your theme for the latest theme standards. It runs the same theme checking tools that WordPress uses for theme submissions. The plugin has a very straightforward dashboard where you can see all the test results, once they are done. It’s a great tool for those who want to save time and make sure their themes are up to date with the WordPress theme standards.


Broken Link checker

Broken links do a lot of harm to your site, and are time-consuming to keep the track of. This is where you can absolutely count on Broken Link Checker, and save a lot of precious time. It monitors your site for broken links and lets you know if there are any found. It does a great job for your site’s SEO as well, making the broken links display differently in your posts and preventing search engines from following them. You can edit or change the broken links directly from the plugin’s page.




WordFence is one of the most downloaded plugins in the WordPress directory and its popularity is backed by some pretty awesome features that the plugin comes with. It takes care of your site security, prevents it from getting hacked, blocks attackers and malicious traffic, scans for security holes and many more. To have it up and running you just need to adjust the plugin settings and it will start doing its job.




JetPack is literally a collection of advanced tools that are sure to make your site even better and help you save time along the way. It comes with a number of traffic and SEO tools, security and backup services, content creation options, and some other features to let you engage and connect with your audience. The plugin also comes with related posts functionality that you can use to display other relevant content to your site visitors. It’s pretty simple in use and is lightweight as well.




If you need a quick and easy backup solution UpdraftPlus is a good option to go with. It simplifies backups and let you store your site data to UpdraftPlus Vault, Amazon S3,Dropbox, Rackspace Cloud Files, Google Drive, Google Cloud Storage,etc. You can assign automatic backups or run them manually, and choose which of your site files to backup and which components to restore. To make your work easy you can also split large backups into multiple archives. Failed backups are automatically resumed so that you can be sure your files are saved and secure.




We all know how time consuming translation is, and this is where Weglot is an absolute time saver. It can help you automatically translate your website content and go multilingual in just minutes. It detects and translates all your website content in almost any language, and lets you manage your translations through a straightforward dashboard. However, if you need professional translations, Weglot has another great option for you. It allows you to order professional translations from qualified translators right from your site dashboard, which will be available within 48-72 hours. The plugin is SEO friendly, and is absolutely easy to setup and customize.

Here you have them. A collection of feature-packed WordPress plugins that will help you save a lot of time and enhance your site’s functionality in so many ways. If you know other time saving plugins, share them with us by leaving a comment below.

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