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Launching the 3D globes project for Webflow with Finsweet

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It’s no secret that we love Webflow (well let’s not be biased here, we love all CMS), but it’s fair to say that over the last two years we’ve discovered exactly why this no-code website building platform is taking over. 

Webflow has proven to be a great stepping stone between a traditional CMS and actual front-end development. And, because of that ease of use, it’s encouraging more designers to get into web creation. 

We’re certainly no stranger to the world of Webflow ourselves, having been compatible with it since 2019, we’ve helped thousands of Webflow users turn their website multilingual, without having to go down the multiple website route. 

You might even remember the last Webflow showcase we created with Finsweet, showcasing just how great we work together.

Webflow Weglot showcase

We even created some pretty sweet language switchers for you to clone and use on your own site. 

Webflow language switchers

So, where does that lead us now? Well off the back of the success of our Weglot/Finsweet showcase website (it was the most cloned website of 2020 😲) we thought it was about time we worked together on something new… 

Introducing our latest showcase 

Here we are once again teaming up with Finsweet to deliver our new showcase – 3D Globes! Why you might ask? Well, the feedback that we received from our last website showcase was that people would love to be able to clone the globe that was the center point of the site.

This got us thinking. And, together with Finsweet, we thought this would be the ideal project to work on. It made total sense, globes and multilingual – that works! 

So here we are, launching our 3D Globe showcase that allows you to create your own without any need for code. 

This is a great way to give your Webflow website that wow factor and grab the attention of your visitors immediately. Because conveying a message through an interactive 3D globe is definitely more interesting than plain text!

There is really no limit to what you can tell with your 3D globes — it’s your time to get creative! But if you need some inspiration, think about in what ways your company is global. Maybe you deliver to different parts of the world, have international employees or your products are made of ingredients from various countries.

You can use custom pins to add this information (and images) to specific locations and allow your visitors to discover the full story by interacting with the globe. And what’s more is that your 3D globe is fully translatable with Weglot, just like your Webflow website. 

Creating a 3D globe 

So, how do you go about creating yours? We’ve made a 5 step process that allows you to customize your own 3D globe exactly how you want it, add your own pins and choose the design and colors to fit your site design. And the best news is, it’s all done without code! 

The guys at Finsweet have also created this handy video tutorial to talk you through the process or find the written version here

Go global 

We hope you love what we created together with Finsweet and we look forward to seeing the different types of globes you create – tag us on Twitter so we can have a nosey!

And, don’t forget, if you haven’t created a multilingual Webflow website yet, you can try Weglot for free for 10-days.

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