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To affiliate and beyond

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What company doesn’t love to grow their audience and user base?  If you own a company that thinks you don’t need more customers, you probably shouldn’t read this article ?.  

Now what company wants to spend a ton of money on a marketing budget and risk not converting any of it to sales? At Weglot, we wanted to take some time to share how we were able to reward our loyal customers and work with people who also love Weglot, through Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing

The first place to start is to answer the question that many of you might be thinking, “What is Affiliate Marketing?” So I guess we should cover some of the basics so that we’re on the same page. Just like our translation solution, we’re all about being easy and simple here at Weglot so let’s look at the basics of what affiliate marketing is.

I guess I could say welcome to Affiliate Marketing 101, the Weglot way.

Affiliate marketing is when a company allows 3rd parties to promote their products or services. That’s it, now you know what Affiliate Marketing is… Just kidding there’s a little more to it.  

These 3rd parties are usually individuals or companies that have some sort of user following. The idea is that these 3rd parties will promote a product to their audience (that they already love and support), and then with every sale that’s made by them, they’ll receive a commission. That commission could be anything really, the company that owns the product is in charge of setting the rate.  

Personally, at Weglot we love to keep our affiliates happy.  So we give them a 20% monthly recurring commission for the lifetime of the customer. Since our customers love us and our product, (see for yourself) they never leave and so a lot of our affiliates are making a steady stream of income and some pretty big residual commissions.  

Ok, enough bragging about how great our program is, back to Affiliate Marketing. You might also be wondering, “How can you keep track of the sales made by an affiliate?”  

Usually companies will use affiliate marketplaces that provide special ‘magic links’ that allow clear tracking of sales made by each affiliate. It’s pretty neat to watch affiliates make sales on our behalf on the back of a product we share a love for and then see the revenue they’re making at the same time. It truly is a win-win situation.  

So in short, 3rd parties (affiliates) will promote a company’s product, and then for every sale that’s made using the special ‘magic link’, gives the 3rd party a commission. It’s a great way to market and a great way to grow your customer base with relatively low risk.

How we grew the Weglot Affiliate Program

Now for the good stuff. Let’s talk about our program and how it increased our number of dedicated users, whilst adding to the wallets of companies that genuinely love Weglot.  

We launched the program in January 2019 with a dedicated team. As a brand new program it took a little while to gain some affiliates that were willing to work with us.  

We reached out to bloggers, theme developers, plugins, and even youtubers. After reaching out to countless people we realized that we should send an email out to our customers because they were the best ambassadors. They already loved the plugin and the service we provided so naturally they would make great affiliates.

The end game was we wanted everyone who knew about us and supported our product to be promoting Weglot. Naturally, the first steps were time consuming and needless to say we sent out a lot of emails.  

We started to get traction though as we saw affiliates such as WP Beginner, Template Monster, Theme Isle, Ocean WP, Alien WP, WP Forms, Caldera Labs, WP Buffs, and AThemes, sign up.

As we started to increase the number of affiliates, we also saw an increase in sales. We were growing at a really fast rate, as much as 20 to 30 percent in some months.

We were gaining new customers right and left. And, they were great customers because they trusted that our product was good from the start because they valued the opinion of our affiliate. So it not only grew our customer base, but it grew our base with loyal and happy customers.

Another big part of showcasing Weglot was having a presence at WordCamps across the world. As a team of 20 in Paris, it wasn’t possible for us to make all the various WordCamps in the WordPress calendar.

Luckily for us, we had a number of Weglot users within the WordPress community that were big fans of ours and wanted to help spread the word about our translation plugin. We call these our ambassadors. Some of the WordCamps we had ambassadors at in 2019 were Granada, Sydney and Tokyo.

We not only attended WordCamp US and Europe, but we had booths there as well. We wanted to have a presence at these big events and showcase the power of Weglot to people that may have only heard of other WordPress translation plugins.

At those WordCamps we made sure to not only establish important partnerships but also talk to individuals and companies about our affiliate program. People always loved to hear about the program from real people who were really involved with Weglot. It was a great way to spread the word about our program.

We’ve had so much fun watching the Affiliate Program grow and have loved seeing the success that our affiliates are having.  

Our connections grew, Weglot grew, our team grew, and a lot of the success was made possible by our affiliate program and the people who love our product as much as we do.

What comes next?

Would we do things the same way if we had the chance? Probably not. We made mistakes just like everyone else but that’s exactly how we learnt.  We’re not saying we’re pros when it comes to affiliate marketing, but we’re saying that maybe we found a good way to execute the launch of an affiliate marketing program.  

We made sure that we had a dedicated Affiliate Program Manager (that’s me!) that worked full time to ensure the program ran smoothly.  My goal is to make sure that every affiliate has personal and customized support to ensure that they are successful.

I also work closely with our Content Manager and Growth Specialist to make sure that the onboarding process for partners and affiliates is simple.  

We created a lot of demos to ensure the compatibility of Weglot and other products. We wanted to make sure that we took that load off of potential partners plates. We also provided a lot of unique content for affiliates and partners so they didn’t have to spend time writing about us. We invested a lot of time and resources into the program and we know it paid off.  2019 was a good year, and we’re excited to see what 2020 will bring.  

We’re looking forward to writing this same post for 2020 and comparing the growth and new happy customers. In the end, we’re so grateful for our affiliates. We love the work they put in and we appreciate the love they show us. So really the real credit goes to our affiliates, not us.

They were the ones that helped grow our customers, and turn them into loyal users of Weglot. We just tried our best to support them and do our best to support their customers. So thank you Weglot affiliates and here’s to 2020!

Interested in learning more about the Weglot Affiliate Program? Find out more and help us spread the word about Weglot and why we’re the best translation solution out there! 

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