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Roundup of the best multilingual ecommerce sites

Choosing the right CMS platform for your international store can without doubt be headache inducing. There are numerous options to choose from and the process as a whole can seem daunting. 

A quick look at the distribution for websites using ecommerce technologies and you’ll see the different platforms available and the widespread use of each one. 


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Which means with all that choice out there, there are a few questions you’ll want to ask yourself when looking into which CMS platform is right for you:

  1. Will it grow with you – most CMS platforms will generally work well for the first year of business when you’re still small, but what about when you’re starting to scale? You don’t want to have to migrate to another platform a year later 
  2. Usability – how intuitive is the interface, can you easily add products without the need for a developer? 
  3. Is it compatible with other platforms – such as your email marketing provider, popup plugins etc 
  4. SEO – is your CMS of choice known for its SEO capabilities? 
  5. Payment methods – if you’re selling internationally you’ll need a platform that supports all payment options 

Website translation 

And, talking about selling internationally, the number one priority will be a multilingual ecommerce store, so you can actually communicate with your new markets

Whilst the concept of translating your website might seem like an impossible task, you’re in luck. Translation solution Weglot was created to simplify the whole process so you can have a fully translated site with seamless integration, the option to manage and edit your translations and no need for duplicate pages

And, the best part. Weglot is compatible with all CMS platforms. So, no matter what ecommerce technology you create your store on, it will be 100% translated with Weglot! 

So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at some of our ecommerce customers using Weglot to create multilingual ecommerce stores. We’ll give you a sense of what you can achieve on each ecommerce platform – with WooCommerce, Shopify, Squarespace, BigCommerce and even Wix being used to sell online. 

Best multilingual ecommerce sites

1. Wheat Straws


Dutch company Wheat Straws uses its Shopify ecommerce store to do more than just sell. With a mix of environmental campaigning, plus selling a product that reduces the impact plastic has on the environment, Wheat Straws also practices what it preaches by donating 2% of every sale to the ocean cleanup. 

And, in terms of selling internationally? Take a look at that fully translated checkout, so both Dutch and English speaking clients can understand the whole buying process. 

Note their translated banners on the top of the website, ensuring both languages understand their current shipping deals. Plus, a fully translated FAQ section means there’s no confusion when it comes to delivery times and rates.  

They’ve also gone the extra mile when it comes to localization and made their Wheat Straws available to purchase in three different currencies, so potential buyers don’t need to mess around with their own currency converter. 

We’re hoping it’s just a matter of time before Wheat Straws adds a few more languages to their site, so their plastic reducing message can continue to spread further around the world!

2. Raw


This premium artisan honey company, Raw, brings to the fore high-end honey products, with beautifully designed packaging and a website to match – whilst using WooCommerce as their CMS of choice

Born in the south of Lebanon to a small family of beekeeping, this entrepreneur has made it his passion to produce honey based on decades of experience and with the proper scientific know-how. 

What’s not to love about this minimalist website available in Arabic and English. The contrast of black against the gold of the honey allows their products to really stand out.  

When it comes to its multilingual ecommerce capabilities, Raw showcases Weglot’s ability to support the translation and display of right to left languages. Proving that localization is key to giving different audiences the experience they’re used to. 

3. Optica Rius 


This online Spanish eyewear store, Optica Rius, was set up by three sisters with a family history of selling glasses that dates back to 1950. 

Taking their family business online using Squarespace as their ecommerce platform of choice means they have the benefit of utilizing the simplistic, beautiful templates provided by Squarespace

A quick look at their site shows how seriously they’ve taken their localization. With a translated blog in both Spanish and English, they ensure both their target markets are given the same brand experience. 

The seamless translated checkout process is completely taken care of by Weglot, so the consumer can enjoy product to purchase translation. 

And, notice the number of brand names used throughout their site, such as ‘Silhouette’ and ‘Game’. These are words that you wouldn’t want directly translated into Spanish or English. Great news, this is easily taken care of through your Weglot Dashboard where you have the option to choose words you never want automatically translated

4. Vagalame


This stylish French leather goods store, Vagalame, is using BigCommerce to sell their products in both French and English speaking markets. 

They’ve let their products do the talking, with a slider taking up a large part of their homepage – using high quality imagery to entice buyers. 
They’ve also customized the language switcher Weglot automatically adds to your site, with a more subtle design that fits with the overall look of their website. And, the use of a currency switcher makes the experience even more tailored to their international clientele.

5. Intelligent Fixings


Using Wix as its CMS of choice, Intelligent Fixings isn’t quite an ecommerce store yet, but with the option to request orders and quotes from, it’s certainly worth a mention. 

With a company and product created only in 2018, this young startup run by the owners of a London furniture refurbishment company know what they’re talking about when it comes to designing their own range of self-clamping connectors. 

And, what’s so great about this store when it comes to multilingual practicalities? They’ve made their site available in no less than 13 languages. Banking on the fact that this product will make the lives of DIYers and professional craftsmen significantly easier, it makes sense to sell to markets all over the world. 

But, adding so many languages to a Wix site is certainly no easy feat if you’re not using a translation app like Weglot (check out how to make your Wix site multilingual to find out more). 

A fully translated order form makes it easy for any one of the 13 languages to contact the company to pursue a purchase. When it comes to creating video content for product demos, they’ve made the right decision to keep it only visual, without creating content for each separate language. 

However, if you did want to create a product video for each target language, you have the option to replace your video with a translated version through the Weglot dashboard. 


So, choosing a CMS for you ecommerce store is not a quick decision. But, now you’ve had the chance to see some of Weglot’s clients selling internationally on a number of different platforms, hopefully you’ve got more of an idea on what will work for you… 

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