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Best WordPress themes for a multilingual business site

One of the first steps after choosing WordPress as your CMS platform of choice is to select a theme fit for promoting your business. 

And, if you’re an internationally minded business owner or entrepreneur, then we’re guessing that at some point your goal is to reach new audiences.  

With this in mind, you’ll want to look for a WordPress theme provider that works perfectly for creating a multilingual WordPress site. 

You’d be right in thinking website translation is no longer an option, it’s a must have if you’re looking to do business with other countries. Or maybe you do business in a country that speaks more than one language? Or, perhaps you don’t realize you’re doing business in a country with more than one language. 

Surprise fact alert…if you work within the US and think the English language is your only target market, you might be interested to learn that it’s the world’s second-largest Spanish-speaking country, following only Mexico. 

So, as we move towards a world that’s becoming ever connected, where the countries we do business in are not only multilingual speaking, but the demand for purchasing products and services outside of our home countries is on the rise, then the right place to start is to choose a WordPress theme that can grow with your internationally expanding business.

Choosing the right WordPress theme for your business 

There are countless WordPress theme providers out there offering creative, customizable and responsive designs so you can have an internationally oriented website up and running quickly. 

And, whilst the translation and displaying of your website content is taken care of when using the highest rated WordPress translation plugin, Weglot, there are five theme providers we recommend that will allow you to create a standout site fit for international business growth. 

What’s good to know is that Weglot is compatible with all WordPress themes, but we do however like to work with specific themes. 

We’ll take a look at some of the best WordPress themes for business from, StudioPress, Undsgn, Themeisle, OceanWP and PixelGrade


With more than 30 WordPress themes available for your business, StudioPress (WP Engine) is a WordPress theme provider that offers themes with plenty of features

Whether you’re creating a WordPress site that displays your knowledge, choosing a design that screams creativity, or a clutter-free theme that lets your brand do the talking, StudioPress have an option for every business. 

We’ll take a closer look at their theme Authority Pro which is perfect for entrepreneurs offering online courses or those monetizing their skills through the selling of e-books and online guides. And, a perfect industry for creating a multilingual website

What’s to love about this template? The use of white space and abstract shapes with images built on top, gives you a unique looking way to stand out from the crowd. This is simplicity at its best. 

The added touch of social media links running up the left-hand side of the site as a static menu ensures your extra sales channels are visible for all to see. 

This is a template that puts the entrepreneur at the heart of the site, with intro texts and blog options create a sense of identity for your business

And, when it comes to multilingual…Asian countries in particular are fast becoming a big market using e-learning platforms, with Romania, Poland, Brazil and Colombia close behind. Translating your website and online e-learning materials makes a lot of sense if you’re looking to open up your revenue streams and sell internationally

Luckily, the Authority Pro theme is also ecommerce ready with WooCommerce which means you can start selling your translated e-learning courses to whichever countries you’ve chosen to target. 

Notice the popup banner at the top? Create multilingual messaging by fully translating any popups you choose to integrate on your WordPress site, with Weglot. 

Check out Weglot and Authority Pro in action. 


Undsgn has a range of stunning WordPress themes built to create a show stopping site for your business, with more than 55k users. 

From landing pages, to creative agencies and for those wanting to display their portfolio, these minimalist themes rely on full bleed imagery, typography and parallax scrolling to give you internationally award winning WordPress sites.    

Their Uncode theme packs stand out for all the right reasons. Bold colors, the use of icons, plus scrolling image galleries to showcase all your services, makes for a great WordPress site.  

And, if you’re working as a digital agency (like many of their templates are targeted towards), it’s likely that you have offices in more than one country. With a contact form being the main source of marketing leads it’s important that it’s fully translated for each country you do business inwhich luckily is not an issue when using Weglot as your WordPress translation solution

Booking forms also take centre stage for this theme (alongside WooCommerce integrations if ecommerce is your thing). Which means for the average busy digital agency creative – clients will have no problem booking appointments. And, yes – your booking forms can be in any language thanks to Weglot. 

Check out Weglot and Undsgn in action. 


With numerous themes to choose from, Themeisle allows you to create everything from ecommerce, minimal design, blog layout and even free themes to put your business on the map. 

These easy to use and customizable themes are perfect for boosting business opportunities, especially when combined with Weglot to give your site multilingual capabilities. 

We’ve picked out popular theme Neve, which is now used by more than 40k sites due to its compatibility with popular page builders such as Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder and more (which are all easily translatable with Weglot). They offer numerous pre-made templates to choose from.  

With smooth transitions, the use of video to showcase your business/ services, their themes offer plenty of impact for any new business. 

And for those with the Neve Pro pack, there are a number of free starter sites to choose from – such as this travel agency template. 

If you’re working within such an industry, you’ll know how travel agencies can benefit from having a multilingual website. Whether you have a hotel, offer package holidays or tours in a touristic areas – if your potential customers can understand your website in their own language, they are more likely to book with you

Plus, the theme comes with integrated booking forms that can be easily translated into more than 100+ languages with Weglot. 

Check out Weglot and Neve in action.


With more than 1 million active downloads, OceanWP allows you to create beautiful WordPress websites. 

And, with a number of pre created demos to choose from, simply import your preference and start making instant customizations to suit your brand needs. Their fully response templates also work with all the best page builders on the market so building your WordPress site by dragging and dropping elements will be no problem. 

We’ve picked out one of their blog templates. When it comes to translating a theme – the blogging industry greatly benefits from a multilingual WordPress site for reaching a wider audience. 

In this particular template example, showcasing a travel blog, the use of imagery as the main focal point is the key design aspect to keeping visitors on your site

A two column design gives bloggers the option to add an Instagram widget to the sidebar – which naturally is a huge marketing point for any serious blogger. The simple display of blog articles makes it easy for site visitors to navigate through the topics they find most interesting. 

Check out Weglot and OceanWP in action.


60,000+ sites are currently using a WordPress theme from PixelGrade. Bloggers, restaurateurs, designers, marketers, photographers (an many more!) use this theme provider to create modern, professional looking sites with straightforward customization possibilities that showcase their personality. 

With more than 20 premade sites to choose from and start customizing, we’ve picked out popular Rosa 2 – their best selling restaurant WordPress theme – to showcase just how versatile this Gutenberg optimized template is. 

This theme calls for carefully curated photography and minimal menu options to make use of a theme that focuses on full bleed imagery (or videos) and a smooth parallax scrolling effect. 

Customization and bringing in your own business branding is no problem here. Built-in animations bring your restaurant site to life, and their intuitive ‘Style Manager’ tool gives you the choice of choosing between different predefined color palettes and fonts (with the option to even create your own). 

And, their pre-created ‘Food Menu Block’ makes writing your restaurant menu super simple – in a few clicks you can display it with ease. Plus – if you’re looking to sell some of the products you make online, there’s even the capability to create an online store through a WooCommerce integration. 

This template is great when it comes to multilingual. With the text added as an overlay to the image rather than added as part of the image itself, it means there’s no need to worry when it comes to translating the text and offering messages in different languages (although you can translate images easily when you use Weglot as your translation solution). 

Many restaurants are in areas where the population is multilingual or perhaps they want to tap into the all important tourism industry, so making your restaurant multilingual makes sense. Whilst restaurant websites usually rely on the visuals and food doesn’t have a language barrier, menus certainly do!

Get a multilingual WordPress theme 

So, there are a number of great theme providers out there that offer numerous templates to get you started with your WordPress site, no matter the level of experience you have. Choosing what’s right for you depends entirely on your business needs. 

But, bonus, all the themes we’ve mentioned above are fully translatable with Weglot – we also work with all well-made themes, but we particularly like to work with these selected themes – meaning you’ll have an international business up and running in minutes!

Discover Weglot with our free 10 day trial, giving you access to all the features of a paid plan.  

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