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Top five ecommerce themes for SMBs

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So, you’ve translated your site? Nice one. With 72% of consumers preferring websites in their own language, get ready to reap the rewards. But, what’s next? Now you’re reaching new markets, you might decide the time is also right to overhaul your website’s entire visual identity by selecting a new website theme that better tells your brand’s story. 

It may sound like an expensive and time-consuming process, but today there are lots of options at your fingertips to create a high-quality website that sets your small to medium business (SMB) apart without breaking the bank.

How to build an eCommerce website

These days, you don’t need years of web or design experience under your belt to create a website that truly sells. You can scroll through thousands of WordPress ecommerce themes available on marketplaces such as ThemeForest, which is the largest WordPress marketplace out there. 

Once you’ve picked your favorite theme, you just download it straight to your PC before customizing it to ensure it uniquely represents you, your company, and the products or services you want to sell. Then, get ready to see the sales rolling in… 

Tips for building your SMB ecommerce website

1. Sales, sales, sales

Whether you’re just starting out or are updating your freshly translated site, your eCommerce site needs to do more than just look good—it needs to convert customers into sales.

That’s where Plugins like WooCommerce come in, allowing people to pay directly for your products or services online. Make sure this is set up and ready to go!

2. Simple user journey

People are busy. Do them a favor and provide them with a simple user journey from site arrival to point of purchase. Simplicity is key here, and you can explore the theme’s user journey by looking at theme demos to ensure it’s simple for customers to get from A to B.

3. Make it mobile

We all know how essential it is for websites to work well on mobile as well as desktop—but this is especially relevant to SMBs as small retailers are 30% more likely to capture a sale on mobile than larger retailers. Pick a site that’s responsive and works just as well on mobile as desktop. 

Top five eCommerce themes for SMBs

Read on for our selection of the top five eCommerce themes to take your SMB into 2020 and beyond. All outlined WordPress themes are available on ThemeForest via Envato Market and the good news is, like all WordPress themes, they’re fully compatible with Weglot, so your ecommerce website can be multilingual!  

5. Flatsome | Multi-Purpose Responsive WooCommerce Theme By UX-themes

Created way back in 2013, this ecommerce theme certainly has time and experience on its side. However, it’s regularly updated—with its last in December 2019—so you don’t need to worry about missing out on any of the latest features.

Plus, securing more than 113,000 downloads and an average of 4.8 out of 5 star reviews since its launch, the Flatsome WordPress template is certainly a popular choice

Another stand-out feature is the vast collection of demo templates that come with this theme, so you can easily scroll through examples like ‘classic shop’, ‘cute shop’, and ‘sport shop’ to help you visualize how your website will look once it’s populated with your content.

Plus, with a name like the developers behind this theme—UX-themes—you can be confident that a strong UX is put front and center.

4. Porto | Multipurpose & WooCommerce Theme By p-themes

The clue’s in the theme’s name—like most WordPress themes, this is compatible with the WooCommerce Plugin so you can turn those hits into sales. It’s also super flexible and comes with loads of features to ensure you can put your own mark on the template.

In fact, it comes with more than 33 custom elements for use within Visual Composer, including banners, carousels, icons, quotes, a progress bar, call to action boxes, and plenty more. 

Created in 2015, Porto has been out for some time, but its regular updates by developers p-themes—with the last in December 2019—ensure it never falls behind the pack. Plus, with more than 36,000 downloads and counting, it’s clearly caught people’s attention.

Like the Flatsome theme mentioned previously, it comes with plenty of demos to help you not only visualize, but also design your website.

The demos themselves are so varied that you can see how much customization is possible within the template—compare Shop Demo 1 with Shop Demo 12, for example, and they look like entirely different websites. 

3. Shopkeeper – eCommerce WP Theme for WooCommerce By getbowtied

Taking just three minutes to set up, the Shopkeeper theme couldn’t be easier to use. A stand-out feature is the Product Image Galleries with zooming and lightbox, enabling viewers to see the products they’re interested in more clearly.

It also comes with YouTube video support so visitors can see every angle of the product before they decide to part with their hard-earned funds. 

Coming with unlimited header styles, you also have plenty of flexibility as to how to display your content. The online store offers the option for light/dark color customization so you can pick a hue that works for you.

Like many WordPress themes, it’s also Gutenberg-optimized, an editor that makes it even simpler to build the site and make changes to the page. 

2. The Retailer – Premium WooCommerce Theme By getbowtied

Another great option by the team at getbowtied, you’d be forgiven for looking at The Retailer template and thinking it’s already a fully-fledged fashion website.

However, it offers loads more options than just clothes alone, and can be edited to sell any wares online! You can pick from a horizontal or vertical shop sidebar and let customers define their search according to popularity, newness, rating, price, or attribute

This responsive theme has been designed with mobile in mind, so you won’t need to worry about your bounce rate being negatively impacted if visitors come across your store via mobile rather than desktop or tablet. 

1. XStore | Responsive Multi-Purpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme By 8theme

And last but no means least, the XStore template comes with a staggering 80+ demos so you can let your creativity run wild. Scroll through some of the options and, just like the Porto theme, you’ll see the incredible variety offered by this template.

The developers, 8theme, have thought of so many ecommerce uses, from products as varied as ‘Eco Scooter’ to ‘Home Decor’ and ‘Glasses’ to ‘Books’.

You only need to spend a few moments skimming the hundreds of positive reviews to begin to see why this ecommerce theme is so popular. Collecting an average of 4.81 out of five stars, users rate this widely-used template highly for qualities including design quality, customer support, flexibility, and customizability.

It also comes with plenty of Plugins, including the Revolution Slider to help your visual content slide into view in an aesthetically-pleasing way.

Now, over to you!

As you can see, there’s a whole host of themes to breathe new life into your SMB website and ensure you are doing your brand justice. You just have to look at the variety within the demo templates themselves to see just how much is possible with WordPress themes these days.

Whether you pick one of the top five templates mentioned previously, or settle on one of your favorites from ThemeForest, your ideal ecommerce website is just a few clicks away.

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