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Enfold Review: A Multipurpose and Powerful WordPress Theme

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The Kriesi Enfold theme is a popular WordPress theme created by Kriesi that has been regularly updated since its initial launch. After being reimagined for the release of version 4.0 now is the perfect time for an Enfold theme review.

As this is a true multipurpose theme, the Enfold theme will provide you with the tools to create almost any type of WooCommerce or WordPress website. However, many of the features and pre-built default demos are aimed at business sites, making this WordPress theme a good choice for creating a retina-ready website to help you sell more products, attract more clients, or enhance your SEO. The strong language support of the Enfold theme without the WPML plugin should make it a popular choice for landing pages that will be serving international audiences.

The Enfold theme certainly looks great on paper. But do the marketing materials match up with reality? Let’s find out in our hands-on Enfold theme review.

What Types of Websites Can You Create with Enfold?

Example of Enfold Demos

Thanks to the 27 Enfold theme website demos, you really can create almost any type of website with this WordPress theme. To illustrate this point, here are some examples of the Kriesi Enfold default demos with a look at their CSS styling, typography, and widgets.

How Easy is it to Import the Enfold Demo Content?

Before we explore the best demos to see what types of retina-ready websites you can create with Enfold, it’s worth looking at the process for importing the demo content into your WooCommerce/WordPress website. After all, if importing the pre-built, full-width websites and individual page templates isn’t straightforward, you’re not going to get the results you want.

If you’re not too comfortable with tweaking and playing around with your WordPress site, it would probably be best to hire a great WordPress developer to make sure you don’t end up wasting a bunch of your time dealing with shortcodes and child themes or configuring a page builder or template builder.

The following article and Infographic from CollectiveRay shows you how to find great devs that will handle styling with CSS, make backend AJAX requests, deal with shortcodes, and add your call to action buttons to help with SEO.

More Enfold demos

Thankfully, the Kriesi team who created the Enfold theme has made it very easy to import the demos into a WordPress website. Simply log into your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the WordPress theme options control panel, and click on the demo you’d like to import.

How to import the demo content

IIn just a few clicks and minutes of your time, your WordPress website will look just like your chosen Enfold demo. All that’s left to do is add your own landing page, contact form, and backend SEO. So with that out of the way, let’s look at some of the best Enfold website demos.

Create a Business Website with the Enfold 2017 Main Demo

If you want to see what the Kriesi Enfold WordPress theme is capable of, then the 2017 refresh of the main demo is a great place to start. This website demo features a classic long-form homepage design that’s perfect for creating business-oriented WordPress websites with great SEO.

Enfold 2017 Homepage Demo

As your visitors scroll down the default landing page design, they can find out more about your project via the use of full-width graphics, photo gallery streams, a custom search engine, contact forms, and social media.

2017 Homepage Demo

As this is the flagship Kriesi Enfold demo, you’ll also find a full set of templates for adding portfolios, blogs, and a whole host of other essential pieces of content to your site. The about us, contact form, WooCommerce services, pricing, and help pages — to mention just a few — are all covered by the pre-built demo content.

2017 Portfolio Demo

As Enfold has full ecommerce support, you can use the default demo to either create an online WooCommerce shop or simply add a few products to your website.

2017 Demo Product Display

As you can see, the main Enfold demo is a good all-rounder that can be used for a wide range of websites. However, if you’d rather use a purpose-built demo for your website instead of a multipurpose WordPress theme, Enfold has a good selection of niche-specific options to choose from as well as awesome theme support.

Build an Online Shop with the Enfold Ecommerce Demo

As mentioned Enfold has full ecommerce support. This is thanks to integration with the leading WooCommerce WordPress plugin. Due to this, you can use any of the Enfold demos to sell products and services from your regular WordPress website. However, if you’re creating an online WooCommerce shop then the purpose-built Enfold ecommerce demo is well worth checking out.

Ecommerce Homepage Demo

Depending on how you choose to configure your ecommerce store, you could welcome your visitors with a full-width slider displaying photographs of your products, call to action buttons to get their attention, or an accordion dropdown to help them find what they need.

Ecommerce Products Display

If you do decide to create an online shop with Enfold and WordPress, your product pages will have the CSS styling, typography, and widgets to rival the leading ecommerce stores. Multiple product photos, a quick view mode, RLT layouts, and sizing and color widgets are all available.

Ecommerce Single Product Demo

Just as the other Enfold demos make it easy to add ecommerce products to your website, the ecommerce default demo includes the templates for the non-ecommerce pages, like contact forms and social media streams, your store will need. Using the about, contact form and blogging templates will help ensure your online store has everything visitors will be expecting to find while helping your SEO in the Google search engine rankings.

There are other WordPress themes like Avia on Themeforest although the Avia framework doesn’t have the same features as Enfold. You would have to install plugins like WPML, Gravity forms, and you would have to figure out how to use an RTL layout editor. Using a lot of plugins isn’t great for SEO.

Launch an Online Photography Portfolio with Enfold

Another of the more focused Enfold demos is the retina-ready photography portfolio website demo. In fact, Enfold has multiple retina-ready portfolio demos to choose from, each designed for presenting different types of content and services while aiding your SEO. However, if you want to create an online photography portfolio with WordPress, the purpose-built demo is the obvious choice instead of a multipurpose WordPress theme like Avia from Themeforest.

Enfold Photography Demo

Once you’ve imported the demo content, your homepage background display can easily be set to automatically rotate through a selection of retina-ready, full-width photographs. This gives you a great opportunity to show off your best work to new arrivals at your website, unlike a multipurpose WordPress theme like Avia from Themeforest.

Photography Demo Portfolios

As you’d expect from a professional photography website demo, there’s an impressive set of portfolio templates to edit in the page builder. Creating albums or galleries of your photos with the page builder is straightforward and their presentation should ensure they make a memorable impression on your visitors.

Gallery Demo

Like the other Enfold demos, the photography child theme gives you the option of using the ecommerce functionality to list items for sale on your website. For photographers, this could include making full-width photos available as digital downloads or physical prints. Listing services for sale such as image retouching or taking photos at events is another ecommerce option. Adding a contact page with a plugin like Gravity Forms and a blog to your photography site is easy too, thanks to the pre-built templates.

Use Enfold to Make a WordPress Website for a Restaurant

Restaurant Demo 01

Another use for Enfold is to create a restaurant website with WordPress. Again, the exciting selection of Enfold demos comes into play here unlike with other multipurpose WordPress themes like Avia from Themeforest which needs plugins like WPML. Simply import one of the two purpose-built Enfold restaurant child themes into your WordPress website to create an online space for your business.

Enfold Restaurant Demos

The two Enfold restaurant child themes include a more traditional multi-page design as well as a one-page layout editor. The latter is a great choice for quickly launching a high-quality WordPress restaurant website for social media, while the multi-page option gives you the ability to build a bigger site covering every aspect of your business which helps with Google search engine rankings.

Enfold Restaurant Reservation Tool

Choosing WordPress and Enfold doesn’t just mean your restaurant website will look great. The integrated reservation system makes it easy for diners to book their favorite table online, while the menu template builder helps you present your dishes in style.

Other Websites You Can Create With Enfold

Enfold Portfolio Demo

The other Enfold demos make it easy to:

You can try out the library of Enfold demos here.

Other Useful Features of the Multipurpose Enfold WordPress Theme

Enfold isn’t just about its website demos. Whether you want to create an original WordPress website from scratch or customize one of the demos with plugins, like WPML or Gravity forms, to suit your needs Enfold has the features and shortcodes to make it possible unlike other themes like the Avia framework.

Enfold Page Builder

Thanks to the integrated Avia Advanced Layout Builder tool – also from the Kriesi team with great theme support – you can customize your website and its content by creating custom page layouts and then populating them with the builder’s useful content elements.

Drag-and-drop page builder

You can also customize many aspects of your website through the Enfold Theme Options panel. These controls enable you to adjust the layout of your site, change the color scheme, set up Google services integrations, configure social media accounts, and much more without the use of the Avia framework.

Enfold Theme Options

Enfold also includes the best-selling LayerSlider plugin, a powerful slideshow creation tool for WordPress. Many of the Enfold demos feature a slider and you can open them up for editing or create your own custom slideshows with LayerSlider.

LayerSlider Example

LayerSlider presentations can contain a combination of text, images, videos, and products, to help you create immersive slideshows for your website.

Can you create a Multilingual Website with Enfold?

Weglot and Enfold

If you want to create a multilingual website and publish it in more than one language, Enfold and Weglot can be the perfect combo.

This modern multipurpose WordPress theme features support 20+ different Language Files. Thanks to this, you can conveniently select the original language version of your content.

Depending on which multilingual plugin you choose and how it’s configured, you can either automatically display content in the language your visitors are expecting, or give them the option of switching languages manually.

So whether you want to create a multilingual ecommerce store, personal portfolio, blog, corporate business homepage, or almost any other type of website featuring content in more than one language, Enfold should work with your plugin of choice and help with your Google rankings.

Enfold Pricing Information

Enfold is available from the reputable ThemeForest marketplace for $60. This price includes six months of support from the Kriesi team and lifetime access to theme updates.

Enfold is also available as part of the Envato Hosted service, giving you the option of instead paying $19/month for Enfold, theme setup, and ongoing managed WordPress hosting.

Enfold Theme Review Final Thoughts

Enfold Review

As you can see, Enfold is an impressive multipurpose WordPress theme. Almost any type of website can be created with Enfold simply by importing one of the demos. When it comes to creating websites not covered by the demos, Enfold includes enough customization tools and controls to offer a wide range of creative possibilities.

With a competitive features list, including good ecommerce support and compatibility with the best multilingual plugins, your plans for creating a high-quality website won’t be limited in any way.

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