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Streamline your international deliveries with Hermes BorderGuru – new partnership announced!

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Selling internationally has its complications. One of those being the logistics of shipping your products overseas. Whilst you may have created a multilingual store effortlessly with Weglot, there’s still the issue of how you’ll ship your products globally. With varying tax and customs rules and regulations to navigate – it can quickly turn into a nightmare when plotting your international expansion. 

It’s at this stage that you may think about using a third-party integration that can help you with deliveries, payment systems and customs clearance – the components that make up successful cross-border ecommerce sales.

Hermes BorderGuru – an innovative subsidiary of the Hermes Group offers just that. Since 2015, the company has been offering a new service for ecommerce retailers selling globally. 

Why Hermes BorderGuru?

Hermes BorderGuru can organize your whole cross-border ecommerce solution – providing all relevant services from logistics, customs clearance to doorstep deliveries. 

Integrating with your webshop and handling all your store’s overseas deliveries and informing and guaranteeing all costs associated with buying your product at checkout – BorderGuru automates your shipping process. This includes electronic customs clearance and tax filings and transport and taxes, meaning you’ll be fully transparent with your potential customer on the total cost of buying from your store, with no delay and no surprises upon delivery

Hermes BorderGuru handles the shipments of millions of parcels around the world helping ecommerce merchants reach new target groups and increase sales in new regions. 

Handling this complicated side of international deliveries means you don’t need to calculate these specific costs and deal with the logistics side yourself. 

How does Hermes BorderGuru work? 

After integrating the BorderGuru app with your online store, Hermes BorderGuru takes care of all the complexities of selling abroad. This includes: 

Logistics process: BorderGuru’s strong international network enables them to offer you short shipping times at low rates, without any hidden setup or fixed fees. 

Custom clearance: Provide electronic export and import clearance of your shipments through customs. Also, duties and taxes are automatically calculated, guaranteed and listed in real-time at checkout through BorderGuru’s interface. 

Delivery: Delivers the order directly to the customer’s doorstep: no need to pick up goods from the customs office.

Parcel tracking: Seamless tracking from your warehouse through to the doorstep delivery – you and your customers can check on the whereabouts of shipments at any time.

Learn more about Hermes BorderGuru and how they can help with your international logistics.

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