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How to nurture affiliates located in different countries

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Keeping in touch with your affiliates is vital to running a successful affiliate program. You want to be in the loop and stay on top of developments, remain available for questions and concerns, and gain vital insights in your brand’s vertical. Satisfied affiliates and influencers generate more sales and produce more revenue than those who are halfheartedly in it for a paycheck. 

Nurturing affiliates relies heavily upon communication. Addressing the needs of your affiliates and influencers is important if you want to get the best results from your marketing program. Managing a network or affiliates goes much deeper than sending out updates on your latest campaign. The best networks become something like a large extended family, and well-connected families talk on a regular basis. 

Other languages

This vital element of communication can suffer if a language barrier makes understanding each other more difficult. Managing affiliates in other countries can become a strain, especially if you don’t have reliable access to a skilled translator. If you’re launching or managing a network of affiliates in other countries, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. 

When dealing with affiliates in other countries, language can present a challenge, both real and perceived. When recruiting new affiliates, you might lose candidates who feel their English skills aren’t good enough to join your program. Your Terms and Conditions might look pretty intimidating to someone who isn’t fluent in English. To get the most out of your launch in other countries, you don’t want to be limited by translation issues. 

Other cultures

Due diligence is needed to understand how affiliates in other countries may see your program. Many cultures have different perceptions about things like sales and marketing, with some being more demure and others quite brazen. Even within these cultural norms, individual outliers may confound expectations by using a different approach. It’s important to stay aware of these potential factors when preparing to launch an affiliate program in another country. 

Consumers in other countries

Naturally, part of the benefit you’ll gain by recruiting affiliates in other countries is gaining their insight into local customers. Native influencers and affiliates will more seamlessly interact with local markets in a way most outsiders just can’t. What you’re hiring is local savvy, and that’s why you want recruits who are deeply woven with their communities. Eliminating the language barrier will enable you to harness this insight to reach potential customers where they already live–and in their own language. 

Take steps to meet your affiliates where they live

Getting started on the right foot is the best way to avoid misunderstanding later. Setting up an affiliate framework with other languages and cultures taken into consideration will kickstart your efforts toward success. Draft clear terms and conditions, terms of service, and affiliate offers that your target market will understand. Do your research so that you can be sensitive to cultural differences or local terms that might embarrass your brand or be off-putting to potential affiliates. 

Tailor your programs

Segmenting your programs by country or language is an essential step in adjusting your approach to fit different environments. Planning this diverse setup is easy with affiliate management platforms such as Refersion. Run different programs, incentives, and marketing campaigns with ease from one central location. 

Consider having different content in your affiliate newsletter. Are you writing for sufficiently different environments? If local conditions vary widely enough to need separate approaches, by all means, adjust your content accordingly. 

For instance, certain holidays are celebrated only in certain countries or at different times. Independence Day is unique to America, and probably won’t gain much traction in Great Britain. Likewise, Thanksgiving occurs on a different day in Canada than in America. Don’t overlook local festivals and related customs, but be sensitive to the possibility that commercializing a culture’s sacred holiday may not always go over well. 

Promotions and offers

Segmentation isn’t just a tool for different market niches. Knowing how commissions rates vary by country or region will enable you to match or exceed current market value without overpaying. You want your offer to entice affiliates and influencers, but not cut too deeply into the bottom line. Adapting your program to regional norms will prevent one-size-fits-all offers that might overpay in one market while failing to entice signups in another. 

Office hours by time zone

When working with affiliates in other countries, it’s important to remember time differences. That’s one good reason to segment your affiliate newsletter: making sure it isn’t getting buried in their inbox at 3am local time! But it’s just as important to remember that email responses, phone calls, and live chats may not be accessible to affiliates in other time zones. Setting up hours of availability to accommodate affiliates in other countries is essential. If affiliates feel neglected or relegated to less importance due to logistical issues, it could affect their morale, and therefore their performance. 

Product and referral optimization

One size definitely doesn’t fit all. You probably can’t sell snow boots in Saudi Arabia, and sandals are probably a hard sell in Iceland. There’s an enormous amount of variation in the culture, climate, and preferences across different countries. Certain products just won’t sell in certain areas of the world, due to these kinds of variations. It is a waste of time and effort to fight the tide, so be prepared to vary your selections by region. 

Language integration

The best first step in expanding your affiliate marketing program into other countries is translating your affiliate pages. Transform your sign-up page into the native language of your potential affiliates with ease and offer multilingual dashboard options to everyone who comes on board.

Refersion’s integration with Weglot makes it easy to translate essential information with a few clicks and an API key. Then, use Weglot’s post editing features to fine-tune your multilingual messaging. 

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