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How to Translate your Shopify Invoices


Go global. We all hear these two words these days. We all want to do so, but properly doing it is the challenge. Translating your store and multilingual invoices are part of this process.

Going global is about targeting new markets by offering a language-based personalized experience. 90% of non-English speakers won’t buy on an English website.

That’s why offering a fully translated experience is key to go global: from the very beginning of the customer acquisition funnel to after-sale, including invoices.

Let’s see how you can do it with Weglot and Sufio.


Weglot and Sufio, the perfect match


Sufio is the perfect invoices app for your Shopify store. It automatically sends invoices and receipts, adapted to 50+ countries in the world. It means they are adapted to every legislation, capture and validate VAT number.

Then Weglot brings the last touch. Weglot translates your Shopify store in any language, allows you to manually edit your translations, and is SEO optimized. Then your invoice is automatically localized, and your customer get the translated invoice according to the language he is speaking.


The example of Deliveroo




Deliveroo is one of Weglot’s customers. They also are a Sufio user, and using both of our solutions to get their store translated, and the multilingual invoices they need.

They are using Weglot Translate App on their packaging website. Here is an example of their website. It’s a Shopify store where they are selling packaging to the restaurants they are working with. And translating their website and their invoices is really important for their business, because not all restaurant owners are English speakers.

Their business is really local, so multilingual invoices are a must have for them.

To conclude: go global, translate your website and your invoices! Try Weglot here.


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