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How to Translate your Shopify Invoices

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Updated on 05-09-2019

Going global is the strategy of choice for most ecommerce entrepreneurs, particularly those using Shopify to power their online store. And, with the ecommerce industry set to be worth €881 billion ($994 billion USD) in 2020, it’s not hard to see why. 

The concept of selling internationally might be simple, but the challenge lies with your Shopify store infrastructure and the number of localization steps you’ll need to follow. 

Working in different markets means having a number of different structures in place to cater for international delivery, payment options based on country and providing your Shopify invoices in multiple languages. 

You’ll probably want to take a look at this article on setting up your Shopify store to start localizing and selling worldwide. It’ll help you with some of the key points such as international shipping options and currency converters. 

Not to mention website translation

After all, you can’t sell to international markets if you’re not localizing your Shopify store to speak to them. 

Luckily for Shopify store owners, there’s the option to install Weglot, a multilingual translation app, that will integrate with your store to make displaying and automatically translating the content of your website smoother and simpler. 

Alongside creating a better site experience for your Shopify store visitors who will now be able to search and purchase your products in their own language, the finer details of website translation are also taken into account with Weglot, such as translated email notifications and Shopify invoices.  

Localizaing and translating your Shopify invoices

Choosing Weglot as your Shopify store translation solution means you’ll be able to send fully translated invoices to all your customers, no matter what language they speak. 

To have fully translated invoices, you can download an invoice plugin to help you with the creation process of your Shopify invoices. 

One such plugin is Sufio, a professional invoice plugin which automatically creates and sends invoices for every order in your store. With custom designs, multiple currencies available, legislation compliant for numerous countries, Sufio helps you get paid faster by allowing your customers to pay their invoices online. 

And, the good news is, Sufio is fully compatible with Weglot! (like all plugins). Meaning your invoices will be automatically translated depending on the language of your customer. 

Not only is your store completely translated (with the option to edit any of your automatic translations), but so too are your invoices. Your customers will get a fully localized experience from the checkout process to the final invoice. 

Deliveroo utilizes both Weglot and Sufio


We’re proud to say that Deliveroo is one of Weglot’s customers. Not only are they getting the benefits of website translation for their packaging website, but they’re also using Sufio as their Shopify invoice solution. 

They’re a shining example of localization in action

As a Shopify ecommerce store they’re directly selling packaging to restaurants who are using the Deliveroo app to . 

As an international brand, with the Deliveroo app opperting in 12 countries, it’s integral they offer their site and Shopify invoices in the language their doing business in. 

Why not see for yourself! Make your ecommerce store multilingual with Weglot and translate your Shopify invoices with Sufio.

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Photo by Christine Roy on Unsplash

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