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Weglot SaaSy: Interview with Elliot Taylor

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We’re happy to interview Elliot Taylor from Superscribe, as part of our series on WordPress SaaS founders: Weglot SaaSy.

Q#1: What is your background, what should our readers know about you?

I’m a long time WordPress developer and Product guy. I co-organise our local WordPress Brighton WordCamp and Meetup. I started out in the ecommerce world but now I build product businesses and do WordPress development.

Q#2: What’s your main activity within WordPress today?

I’m really into product businesses, from learning about the different marketing strategies, business models right the way through to different development processes. I’m most excited with my latest approach to product development, where we build the a seperate PHP application that works within a WordPress theme. This let’s me enjoy the benefits of WordPress (CMS, user management etc..) and the benefits of a building a PHP application using an MVC framework (better structure and speed).

Q#3: Why did you choose a SaaS (subscription service) model? Did you change your model from your beginnings? and if so, why?

The SaaS pricing model let’s users try out your service without a large upfront commitment and if they find value in your service, they can be confident there is a pricing strategy in place to maintain the upkeep and improvement of the service. It’s a fantastic business model everyone benefits from.

Q#4: What’s the key metric you’re closely watching on a daily basis?

Signups. At the moment I’m keen to get as many people using the service as possible so I can talk to them and learn how to help them better.

Q#5: How do you handle support? And how important is it to you?

Support is key. I send an email to every sign up at the moment, introducing myself and asking if I can help them. It helps me get direct feedback and improve Superscibe. It’s not very scalable but it is very powerful.

Q#6: What will be the next big moves for you within the WordPress ecosystem?

We use the WordPress REST API in Superscribe and it’s really opened my eyes to the potential of WordPress. I think there is a huge opportunity for new services to integrate with WordPress using the REST API and this is currently an untapped opportunity in the WP world.

Q#7: What’s your favorite SaaS reference?

I would say I was very inspired by which is run by David who is local to where I live and who has made a successful SaaS business. It’s a great service that has a strong community around it. Some good lessons to be learnt about building up a community over time and providing on-going value to them with a product.

Q#8: What was your toughest challenge in your entrepreneurial journey?

I bootstrap my product businesses and it’s always a challenge to balance paid freelance work with unpaid product development. When you don’t have investment getting this balance is hard. In fact, I built my own system to help me manage my freelance time and then launched it as an MVP here: 

Q#9: Whom should we interview next & why?

Talk to James ( about his entrepreneurial adventures in Asia.

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