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Translate your Shopify store reviews with and Weglot – new partnership announced!

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If you’re in the ecommerce business you’re undoubtedly well aware that social proof is everything. Displaying reviews of your products and services on your ecommerce site is one of the easiest ways to increase your conversion rate. 

And, one of the most effortless ways to ensure your Shopify store is loaded with reviews is through an automated workflow where you customers are automatically asked to review you. does just that and more! 

As one of the best review apps on the market, takes care of the full review process, from contacting past and current customers through web, email, push and SMS to displaying your reviews on your Shopify site. 


With a simple set up process (installed in 2 minutes), helps you generate more product reviews for your Shopify store. Get your review process fully automated by allowing to do all the hard work for you. From the initial email to the review going live on your site, the process requires little to no manual work from your end. 

Choose from four fully customizable email templates and choose how you’d like your reviews to be published – either automatically, after manual review or based on a number of conditions. 

When it comes to reviews being displayed on your Shopify store,’s review widgets fit perfectly with the design of your store. From review widgets, review pages or a review carousel, choose exactly how you want your reviews to look like. 

Using and Weglot 

And, for those internationally minded Shopify store owners, adding more than one language to your website is more than likely top of your list (or perhaps you’ve already gone multilingual). The good news is that with Weglot and your reviews will be understandable for all the markets you’re selling in. 

Weglot is fully compatible with, meaning you can translate your review widgets into more than 100 languages, instantly. and Weglot translated reviews

To enable this integration, install both apps and add your destination languages through your Weglot Shopify app. Check out our integration page for instructions on installing Weglot. 

That’s all there is to it! Weglot automatically detects all the content on your Shopify store, meaning even your reviews from will be picked up and translated. 

Learn more about and try Weglot’s 10-day free trial

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