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Weglot customer showcase: American fashion brands

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Another month brings us another Weglot customer showcase. And, what are we showing off this time? American fashion brands that have taken the smart move to sell internationally. 

With the international fashion market worth $3 trillion dollars it makes sense to go further afield and take a slice of that action…which is exactly what these 4 American brands did. 

So let’s take a look at what these fashion brands are doing to attract international customers and learn from their language switchers and localization best practices to help you gain the confidence to do the same!  


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An American retailer famed for its accessories, jewelry, and toys aimed towards the tween and teen girls market, Claire’s has more than 3,000 stores in 37 countries – that’s quite the international expansion! 

So when it comes to selling their items online, it makes sense that they wanted to reach the same markets by adding language capabilities. 

Weglot helped Claire’s in their bid to enter the UEA market and what better use case for showing how well Weglot works with right-to-left languages.

Making sure they account for localization, Claire’s has their UEA store in both English and Arabic. And, going the extra step, they’ve made sure the language switching options are using the native language name so customers can quickly spot there are language options.

They’ve even ensured there’s the option to change regions in the corner of their website, just in case you end up on the wrong regional website. Or, perhaps you’re currently in the UAE but buying a gift for someone in the US. It’s simple localization options like this that will ensure your customer is never excluded. 

The Ellen Shop

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Not technically a fashion brand but when a TV show as famous as the Ellen Show has a global fanbase, it’s only normal that they’d want to sell their merchandise to their international fans. 

The Ellen Shop has added no less than 5 additional languages to their US store covering the French, Spanish, German, Dutch, and Chinese markets. 

And, take a look at their language switcher, they’ve gone the extra mile to also add a currency switcher. This is great practice for ensuring the whole buying process is localized for the customer. 

It’s also useful for people that might speak a different language to the country they’re buying in, for example if you’re Spanish but live in the US, you want to see the currency of the country you’re living in. 

The Ellen Shop has also made sure the language switcher is in a clear place for their website visitors. Weglot by default places the switcher in the bottom right corner and that’s where the Ellen Shop has decided to keep it. 


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Volcom, founded in 1991, is a lifestyle brand that designs, markets, and distributes boardsports-oriented products around the world. Founded in where else but California where boardsports are hugely popular, the brand quickly exploded and 30 years later it’s a household name for those into surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding. 

Outside of the US Volcom has dozens of stores across Europe, South America and Asia. To give the same experience to their local customers, adding languages to their stores was a must. 

With Weglot, Volcom launched their stores in Italian, French and Spanish ensuring a bulk of their European customers can also purchase from their store in their native language.

Felt Bicycles

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Ok, so FELT Bicycles probably aren’t what you’d call a fashion brand (although quite possible if you’re into the sport) but we couldn’t talk about American brands without discussing their successful move to the EU. 

Another company born and bred in California, FELT Bicycles is a performance-led brand that’s at the forefront of creating the best bikes in the world. So it’s only natural they’d want to be able to offer their products to countries outside of America. 

Keen to benefit from the increased interest in cycling during 2020, FELT Bikes launched an EU store in German, French, Spanish, and Italian. 

They wanted to launch their European store quickly which is why Weglot was the ideal choice. They used the first layer of machine translation given by Weglot to save time, then enhanced those translations further by adding their own translation team to the Weglot Dashboard. 

Read more about FELT Bicycles and their European store launch.


American brands no longer need to limit themselves to just one market. We’ve seen from these 4 fashion brands that there are no limits when it comes to adding languages to your site. 

And, adding language capabilities has helped these brands launch in Europe, the Middle-East and Asia. 

Interested to see how you could achieve the same global success? Sign up for Welgot’s 10-day free trial to start now!

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