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Hey good lookin: Multilingual Webflow websites we’re swooning over

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If you’ve been reading our Webflow content, you’ll know we’re quite the fan of this no-code website building CMS. So much so that we even built our own Webflow site – with the help of Finsweet – and we’re pretty proud to see it sitting pretty on the first page of the popular sites on the Webflow Showcase 🙌. 

But, we’re here to get some serious inspiration from more than 1 website today. In fact, we’ve pulled together 5 Webflow websites using Weglot to go multilingual that we love for all kinds of reasons. 

From animations, to well placed language switchers, to a website that combines great design aesthetics with an important cause. So, let’s take a look! 



Let’s start things off with an ecommerce store utilizing Webflow for what it does best – animations. MaDeliBox uses pastel colors, custom drawings and real product images to bring this sustainable lunchbox brand to life. 

But, they’ve not just built a “pretty” website – they’ve incorporated relevant content with a recipe section to go alongside the theme of the product they’re selling. The whole website, including the recipe blog section is available in both French and English so both their target markets get the same customer experience. 

And, let’s talk about that language switcher. They’ve kept the Weglot default language switcher, but made a few simple changes through their Weglot dashboard, by removing the flags and using the language code instead of the full name. This fits in well with the overall design of the website and keeping the language switcher in the bottom right corner means the website visitor can see it as soon as they land on the homepage.


What’s key to ensuring full localization for your website visitors when shopping online? A fully translated checkout of course! And, that’s exactly what MaDeliBox has achieved by going multilingual with Weglot. 


Merantix Labs

Merantix Labs

Merantix Labs, an AI solutions business based in Berlin, Germany – arguably one of the most talked about start-up hubs in the world, knows the value of adding both English and German to their website. 

This multilingual Webflow website hasn’t let just the design do all the talking here – this site also ensures content plays a big part in the storytelling. Afterall the concept of AI solutions for businesses is still relatively new for many. 

Nothing has been left untranslated thanks to Weglot, giving a fully localized experience no matter whether the site visitor speaks German or English. They’ve even translated their terms and conditions and privacy documents.  

And, here’s a company getting full use out of our free to clone Webflow language switchers. A language switcher should fit effortlessly within the design of your website, and choosing to add it to their main menu, whilst using colors to match their overall branding means they’ve got one good looking language button! The seamless switch between languages also makes for a great user experience. 

Merantix Labs-multilingual



What better website to take a look at than one which is offering their services as a freelance web designer. Here, the design is meant to take centre stage – after all Bazil is using his very website as a portfolio for the services he offers. 

With a white base and accents colors making this site more dynamic, the subtle use of animations brings together the personality of this young web designer. 

Working out of Paris, this French designer has added English to his website to maximise the opportunities to be made in such an international city. Plus, he also benefits from possible work from English speakers all over the world as his business can be remote. 

As soon as you land on his homepage, it’s obvious this is a website offering multiple languages. Bazil has chosen to use both flags and a language code on his language switcher. The flags immediately stand out and work well with the overall design of this website. 


When you do multilingual correctly, it’s important that every detail is translated to give the same user experience to all your website visitors, which is exactly what Weglot has allowed Bazil to achieve. It means that even his all important social proof – in the form of client reviews – is available in both French and English. 



Minimalist design, sustainable color palette and imagery that speaks to us – are we talking about the product or the website? Well, both! When a brand ethos matches the very design of the website, you just know this company has it sorted. 

Another ecommerce website and one where the clever use of product imagery has meant GABI + SKIN can keep web design gimmicks to a minimum. With a limited line of products this small business displays its line on the homepage as well as within the menu – making the design of the website  again all about the simplistic, sustainable looking packaging. 

As a skincare brand based out of Taiwan, they’ve got both Mandarin Chinese and English on their Webflow site to target both their local and international customers. Because they’ve decided to redirect users by browser language, they’ve kept their language switcher in the bottom left menu, but cleverly used the full name of the language in the original language so it’s understandable for their website visitors. Their language switcher design fits in perfectly with the minimalist overall website style. 

gabi+skin-language switcher

The Positive Effect 

The Positive Effect

Last, but by no means least, this website is perhaps one of the most important ones on the list. Not only does its incredible design encourage you to keep scrolling, but its main aim of ending the stigma faced by thousands of people living with HIV in Canada outweighs it all. 

For a website with a cause, it’s incredibly important to incorporate good design, sharp content and powerful storytelling to keep people engaged with the messaging. And, The Positive Effect does all that and more. 

What better CMS to use than Webflow, known for award winning storytelling websites. The Positive Effect utilize animations and a scrolling webpage format to keep you engaged with an incredibly important subject. As powerful text lights up against a white background – you see the exact mission The Positive Effect is trying to achieve in its home country, Canada. 

The Positive Effect-text

With a sidebar menu – they’ve replaced a more traditional navigation to encourage the website visitor to scroll through this storytelling website. 

You can’t deliver such an important message without ensuring everyone within your community can understand the words you’re writing. Which is exactly why they’ve added French alongside English to cater for the 7.2 million French speaking population living in Canada. 

The Positive Effect-language-switcher

Alongside the minimal navigation, they’ve placed the language switcher in the most obvious place so there’s no language barrier here. Using the language code and without the need for a country flag, they’ve considered every part of the multilingual aspect of a Webflow website. 

Want to go multilingual on Webflow?

We share more in common than just the ‘We’ in our names – Weglot is also a no-code tool that integrates seamlessly with Webflow to give you a multilingual site in just minutes.

Our easy integration, first layer of automatic translation, intuitive translations management and those small details that make a big difference to your localization project – e.g. multilingual SEO – make Weglot an all-in-one multilingual Webflow solution. 

Don’t just take our word for it 👇


So whenever you’re ready to take the plunge and go multilingual – we’re here to make the process as easy as possible. Just follow our integration guide or watch this video tutorial. We even got Finsweet to make some custom made language switchers ready to be cloned and added to your Webflow multilingual website. 

FYI you’ll get a language switcher automatically added by Weglot after you’ve installed us on your website (with a default design), but as you’ve chosen Webflow as your CMS of choice, we know you like to do things a little more custom 😉. 

And, don’t forget you can sign up to the Weglot 10-day free trial to test us out and make your Webflow website multilingual instantly. 

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