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Going Multilingual With Weglot Translate and Top Selling WordPress Themes

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There are many compelling reasons why your website should be available in more than one language. To begin with, it’s an effective marketing strategy. It shows your willingness to work across borders and reach out to customers across cultures.

Not only that, it instantly creates an international aura for your company. Reaching out to your target audience in their own language is one way of increasing subscribers/users/readers, generating leads and increasing revenues.

In this post, we’ll discuss three top selling WordPress Themes and check out examples of websites going multilingual with Weglot Translate in combination with these themes. You’ll see that Weglot combines well with these themes to make your website fully multilingual. You can also discover the key benefits of activating Weglot on your site.

Going Multilingual with Weglot Translate

Divi From Elegant Themes

Owned by Nick Roach, Elegant Themes is a theme house that creates many original and quality WordPress themes. The theme house has been around for 10+ years. So you can be sure of regular updates to the themes and that support is always available.

Elegant Themes

They offer a straight forward deal – $89 for a basket of 87 themes + 3 plugins, for use on any number of websites for one year. In addition, there’s premium support and free updates. And, if for some reason, you’re not completely happy with the deal, there’s always the 30 day money back guarantee. But with 400,000+ happy customers, that’s going to be highly unlikely.


The flagship theme of Elegant Themes is Divi, the most popular premium WordPress theme. It comes with an in-built visual page builder – the Divi Builder – that transforms Divi into a complete framework with which to build a beautiful website. Not only does it have a customizable User Interface, it also comes with WYSIWYG editing mode. So there’s no stopping you from being your own designer, all without knowing any code.


The theme includes 20 pre-made layouts and you can adopt any of them for your website. Or you can mix, match and modify the layout with the 46 customizable content elements to come up with an entirely new design. Store the new layouts that you create in a library, or share them with the Divi community using the export feature.

Divi is fast and allows you to add new content simply with in-line text editing. You can also adjust height, width and create white spaces with drag and drop ease. In short, there’s little you can’t do with the theme by simply toggling options on and off.

Example of website using Divi and Weglot: SemStar

SemStar is an internet marketing company built with Divi. It uses Weglot on its WordPress website to offer readers a choice of 5 different languages for viewing the website. A reader can select a language using the options in the footer.

SemStar - Divi and Weglot

Avada from ThemeFusion

ThemeFusion is where many creative folks come together to present to WordPress users the top selling WordPress theme, Avada. The founder here is Luke Beck, and the team is passionate about acquainting WordPress users on all that’s possible with a WordPress theme that uses clean code.


As you can see from the 150,000+ support threads, they have a customer-centric approach to designing and selling themes. Avada is the only theme from this theme house, and that’s because they believe in quality over quantity. They concentrate their efforts on improving, updating and supporting Avada. The extensive documentation and narrative video tutorials help users become familiar with the theme and use it to it’s full capabilities.


Avada is the best selling theme on ThemeForest, clocking 300,000+ in sales (at $60). The Fusion Builder helps to visually drag and drop content to build pages. The combination of Fusion Builder, Fusion Theme Options and Fusion Page options makes Avada a designer’s delight. It packs in 20+ professionally created demos that you can install on your website with just a click.


Avada offers full design integration for some awesome plugins like WooCommerce and bbPress. Moreover, it’s compatible with many popular plugins like Yoast and Total Cache, and includes an auto updater.

It also includes many premium sliders, advanced typography, blog and portfolio options, and built-in contact form. The numerous options can be overwhelming at the start. But, as you explore them, you’ll find that you can build almost anything with Avada – a one page scrolling site to a perfectly functional WooCommerce site and more.

Example of website using Avada and Weglot: Goldener Westen Website

Goldener Western is a Berlin based design agency which specializes in branded interactions and storytelling. They use Avada and Weglot to offer a beautiful website in two languages – German and English.

Goldener Western - Avada and Weglot

X The Theme from ThemeCo

Kyle Wakefield and Scott Marlow are the co-founders of Themeco. There’s not much relevant information about the team at Themco, but Kyle Wakefield promises to come out with an About page this year that’ll feature the people behind Themeco. So let’s wait for that one.


Interestingly, their flagship theme X, was developed in response to very specific customer needs. Customers needed that different content writers of varying levels of skill be able to handle different parts of the website comfortably. Furthermore, the theme had to be extensible, customizable and easy for different people to work on. X was created in 2013 and quickly made it to the top 10 products on ThemeForest.

X The Theme:

Once you purchase the theme at $65 on ThemeForest for use on a single site, you’ll have access to their membership area. Here, you’ll find loads of video tutorials and a support forum where you can reach out for help. You’ll also find demo content, which includes 35+ templates that you can simply download and use.

In fact, X is like many individual themes rolled into one, and you can switch from one to another easily to give a different look to your website. Each set of completely unique templates makes up a ‘stack’.

The important thing to note is that all the stacks form part of every X theme purchase and you can select any after activating the theme. The stacks allow you to change the entire design of the website, while still using the same theme.

X Theme

X also packs in Cornerstone, a visual page builder and 20+ custom plugins called extensions. To the delight of it’s growing community of users, X is constantly evolving with updates and additions to the list of features.

Example of website using X-Theme and Weglot: Dunedin Segway Tours

Dunedin Segway Tours is a New-Zealand based tourism service offering Segway tours to discover Dunedin in a uniquely fun and personal way. Their website is built with the X child Theme and uses Weglot to offer two language options –  English and Chinese.

Dunedin Segway Tours X-Theme and Weglot Translate

Kallyas from Hogash Studio

For the last 10 years Hogash has been creating beautiful WordPress themes, including their standout Kallyas theme. Built not only to be useful, but also focusing objectively on features that are multi-purpose to enrich buyers’ imaginations. 

The “above the fold” area of their homepage and inner page designs are built to be eye-catching. That’s why Kallyas theme include dozens of built-in solutions and choices.

Kallyas is a multi featured WordPress Theme that has been a best-seller for over 7 years – with more than 40,000 users it’s clear it’s a favorite in the WordPress space. 

The theme is packed with 70+ pre-built templates for free – all easy to combine however you want with import/export feature. Zion Builder, is a visual PageBuilder that’s also included in Kallyas. With it you can design beautiful pages visually, in minutes, it’s simple to use and user friendly.

Kallyas is fully translation ready with Weglot. 


Example of website using Kallyas and Weglot

Weglot Description and Key Benefits

Weglot Translate uses an intuitive API to detect any content on your website, and quickly translates it into one of 60 languages. That’s not all, you can improve the machine version of the translation by editing the text in a Contextual Editor in your Weglot account. For truly flawless translation, you can also opt for professional translation services from Weglot.

Weglot Translate offers many advantages to multilingual WordPress websites,

Advantages to Site Admins:

Getting Weglot Translate to work on your site is quite simple. Firstly, download the freely available plugin from the WordPress directory, install and activate it. Next, create an account with Weglot and obtain an API key. Fill in the original language of your website and the language in which you need the translation.

You can choose to exclude some pages or content blocks from translation. Save all the changes you make, and you’ll see the language option buttons appear on the frontend of your website. Any visitor can switch buttons to select from the languages you offer. Moreover,

  • Coding knowledge is not necessary.
  • Automatic translation serves as a base (and in most cases, adequate) translation. You can improve accuracy with manual editing or professional translation services.
  • Phrases that are edited are marked as reviewed. This is a time saver for content heavy websites.
  • It’s fast, and fully compatible with all WordPress themes and plugins.
  • Over 60 languages are available.

SEO Advantages:

The Plugin strictly follows Google’s best practices for multilingual WordPress websites. The new language pages are automatically optimized for search engines and indexed by Google, without any need for additional plugins. Moreover,

  • Weglot assigns unique and dedicated URLs automatically to the new language pages. There’s no addition of query strings like ?lang=de or ?lang=fr.
  • It translates content in the source code and not just dynamically using JavaScript, so it’s visible to Google easily.
  • The plugin automatically detects and translates title, description, meta tags, categories, etc. So you’re sure that your SEO elements are clean and translated.
  • And it makes it easy for Google to know that your site is multilingual with automatic addition of hreflang tags or using sitemaps.
  • Finally, Weglot does not slow down your website.

Enhanced User Experience at frontend:

A user visiting the new language pages on multilingual WordPress websites enjoys much the same experience as a user on the original website,

  • With many plugins, user experience is several notches lower in the new language pages because you have to select your language for each page you visit. That’s not the case with Weglot – it maintains the selected language during the entire navigation.
  • Weglot can detect the language in the users’ browser and helpfully serve up pages in that language.
  • Site Admins can change the appearance and location of the language buttons to improve accessibility and aesthetics.
  • Also, it automatically handles RTL or LTR languages.

Weglot Pricing plans

Weglot packages are designed to meet the needs of small blogs and small or medium businesses, as well as enterprise level websites. Our free offerings covers translation up to 2000 words. Besides this, there are Starter Plans at 9.90€, Business Plans at 19€ and Pro at 49€. There’s also a 10 day free trial.

All packages have access to Pro translation services. If it happens that you exceed the word count of the current package, you’ll automatically be upgraded to the next package, without any interruption in service.

And Finally

It’s important to realize that a multilingual website is one of the most effective ways to reach a wider global audience. The live examples of websites using Weglot in this post demonstrate that it’s not really hard to translate your web pages.

Not only does Weglot make translating your webpages easy, it ensures that there’s no fall in Search engine rankings on account of translations. To top it all, it combines smoothly with all WordPress themes (and plugins), as you can see in the website examples using Weglot.

Now, there’s really no reason for you not to translate your website.

About the author
The best way to understand the power of Weglot is to see it for yourself. Get your website multilingual live in minutes.
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