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New PrestaShop module just launched! Make your PrestaShop store multilingual in minutes

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We’re pleased to announce a new way of making your PrestaShop multilingual with Weglot! We’ve just launched a Weglot PrestaShop Module, which means it’s even easier (and faster) for you to translate your ecommerce store into more than 100 languages. 

If you’re already using PrestaShop, you’re more than used to the user-friendly design, customization and the advantage of not needing any technical skills to create an online store. And, Weglot fits right into that philosophy with a new, simpler way to add multiple languages. 

What has changed?   

The sign up process remains the same – you need to create an account with Weglot, add the original language of your website, the languages you want to add and then connect your DNS entries to your DNS records within your domain name provider. 

Weglot PretaShop module

Once you’ve completed those short, easy steps, you’ll now need to download the Weglot PrestaShop Module within the ‘Modules and Services’ tab on the PrestaShop admin dashboard. This is brand new! All you then need to do is paste your unique API key from your Weglot account into your Weglot tab within PrestaShop and voila! 

That’s all there is to it! You’ve now got a multilingual PrestaShop without the need for any technical skills or manually adding code. 

Check out our full PrestaShop multilingual integration guide and sign up for our 10-day free trial if you’ve yet to use Weglot on your PrestaShop store! 

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