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Make your Shopify store multilingual with PageFly and Weglot – new partnership announced!

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A well designed, professional looking Shopify store can be the difference between success and failure. 

Luckily for Shopify users, creating and building a store with all the features for high converting product pages is made simple with PageFly. And, the even better news is that it’s fully compatible with Weglot – meaning your PageFly built Shopify store can reach new international audiences instantly!

As the number one Shopify page builder, PageFly stands out for all the right reasons. With full customization control, a drag-and-drop system and no need for code, it’s clear why 30,000 global stores trust PageFly. 

Why PageFly?

pagefly shopify weglot

Take your Shopify store to the next level with PageFly. Effortlessly build your home page, product pages, landing pages and more with its user-friendly interface that helps you create high converting, quality pages. 

Alongside it’s simple drag-and-drop builder there’s also advanced solutions to further optimize your pages with Custom JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5. And, there’s the option to add pop-ups, slide shows, countdown timers and other eye-catching features to encourage a higher conversion rate. 

Weglot and PageFly 

Using Weglot to translate your PageFly built Shopify store is simple. First install the PageFly app and build your online store. Then search and install Weglot from the Shopify App Store. Once configured your Shopify store will be fully translated, with a first fast layer of automatic translation which you can then edit manually. 

That’s all there is to it! PageFly and Weglot work seamlessly together so there’s nothing else that needs to be done. 

Learn more about PageFly and try Weglot’s 10-day free trial and start making sales globally! 

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