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Translate your Shopify mobile app with Shopney and Weglot – new partnership announced!

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If you’re an ecommerce business owner you’re probably well aware that mobile traffic accounts for more than 70% of all traffic to online stores. One of the best ways to profit from this traffic is to create the best possible customer service through an ecommerce mobile app. 

And, Shopney does just that! It helps Shopify merchants convert their ecommerce stores into mobile apps in just minutes. It’s also completely compatible with Weglot – meaning your Shopney app can now be translated into more than 100 languages so people from all over the world can purchase your goods. 

With the help of Weglot, all the content on your Shopney app is translated, including the navigation menu, your showcase titles, product names, and product descriptions – making the buying process seamless for international customers.   


Why Shopney? 

With an easy drag-n-drop design editor, you can use Shopney to design your top-notch Shopify mobile app in just a few minutes. 

Ecommerce merchants can leverage its unique features such as theme options and in-app live chat to make the most out of your mobile commerce strategy. Shopney also offers free marketing opportunities with rich push notifications – minimising your costs for digital ads. 

Shopney provides Shopify and Shopify Plus users with the strongest mobile shopping app solutions they need to succeed in the mobile-centric eCommerce universe.

Using Shopney and Weglot

Translating your Shopney app with Weglot is simple! Install both Shopney and Weglot apps as usual. Need help installing the Weglot Shopify app? Check out our integration page. Then:

  1. Go to your Weglot dashboard and settings to get your unique API key
  2. Go to your Shopney account > integrations, then paste your Weglot API key

That’s it! Your Shopney app will now be fully multilingual. 

Learn more about Shopney and start your Weglot 10-day free trial

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