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Top 7 Fashion & Beauty Shopify themes

Making people look beautiful and fashionable can be a challenging job, but running a website devoted to a fashion or beauty store can prove to be even more demanding and stimulating. An effective webpage of a company that deals with commerce online has to meet several criteria. First of all, it should be appealing in order to be able to catch visitors’ eye and make them wish to browse the page. Secondly, it should be well-structured and clear, to make navigation easier. Thirdly, as more and more people prefer using mobile devices to browsing the web via a computer, your website should be able to adjust to various screens and browsers. Additionally, it has to be connected with one of the world ecommerce systems, such as Shopify.

When you are thinking of a webpage for an online store, you, certainly, want it to be unique and outstanding. As having your website created by web designers especially for you can take a lot of time and money, you can consider purchasing a ready-made template that can be customized to your needs. It does not mean that your webpage will look the same as other sites. Because there are different ways to change the look of your site, such as adjusting your color scheme, choosing fonts, arranging elements on your page. Moreover, a lot of ready-made templates, such as the ones designed by TemplateMonster, are responsive, which means that they will look awesome on any device and in any browser. By the way, ready-made templates are quite easy to install and run. Furthermore, if you have any questions, there is always a support team ready to answer them.
Now it is time to have a closer look at the Top 7 fashion and beauty Shopify themes developed by TemplateMonster.

NewLook – Multipurpose Shopify Template

This multipurpose Shopify theme, suitable for a stylish and elegant store. It gives you a possibility to create sections on your homepage to present your content to the best advantage.

  • Selection of galleries, images with texts, collection lists, featured products, single products, testimonials and other sections
  • Megamenu to add categories and subcategories
  • The theme is multicurrency ready, so there is a possibility to run an international store in different languages using Weglot App

- Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Details | Demo

Hamintec – Sneakers Store Shopify Template

Running a sneakers store with the help of this theme will be a pleasant experience.

  • Enhanced view on high-quality sneakers in powerful Megamenu gives your site a professional look and facilitates navigation
  • Customizing your website will be easy because of the theme Color Switcher, and presenting information in a more engaging way, such as slides, can be achieved with the Slider
  • Moreover, the theme is equipped with Parallax that creates an unforgettable visual impression on your customers
  • Multiple sorting options, product badges, and an efficient Ajax cart guarantee your clients’ delightful shopping experience.

uality Sneakers Store

Details | Demo

Style Factory – Hair Styling Responsive Shopify Template

The process of creating and browsing a stylish hair care products store will be really smooth.

  • Outstanding Megamenu with categories and subcategories, and product badges that present essential information clearly
  • Your page will load faster due to the Lazy Load effect; also, it will adjust to any device or browser, because the template is responsive
  • Customers will love Ajax Cart for being able to add products to the cart without reloading the page
  • Also, they will appreciate the Sorting options that promote the search

ling Responsive Shopify Template

Details | Demo

Beauty House – Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Store Shopify Template

With this nice delicate theme, your store will attract attention of those who are searching for cosmetics online.

  • Take advantage of Product badges to present your new items to customers
  • Also, arrange your assortment in well-organized categories and subcategories of the Megamenu to make navigation easier. Thus, you can also write pieces of advice on various topics to facilitate your clients’ searches
  • The theme also allows you to show prices in different currencies so your store will be easy to use in various countries worldwide, especially if combined with Weglot

use - Cosmetics Store Shopify Theme

Details | Demo

Glamorous High – Lingerie Responsive Shopify Template

Showing lingerie in your online store can be quite an intimate process.

  • So to impress your clients, affect their mood, and to demonstrate your products in action, use large background video
  • To facilitate the navigation, apply Product badges and personalize a Stick-to-Top Menu. By the way, to give your clients a possibility to see the tiniest details of your products, use Elevate zoom
  • To follow your store, visitors will be able to subscribe to your news with the help of Newsletter Subscription Pop-up
  • Moreover, your clients can find recommendations and advice in a Blog

Responsive Shopify Theme

Details | Demo

Zhigan – Men’s Suits Shopify Template

What men value most of all is the intelligibility and functionality, and they are sure to find it in your online store created with this theme.

  • With the help of Theme Color Switcher, make your store look stylish and choose the best color scheme
  • After that, apply Product badges to give precise descriptions of your products
  • With the touch-enabled jQuery image zoom plugin your customers will be able to examine the smallest details of your products
  • Also, they will be able to see the price in different currencies that make your store more effective, especially if combined with Weglot App

Store Shopify Theme

Details | Demo

Shine – Trendy Store Shopify Theme

If you want to create an efficient bright webpage of a trendy store, this theme should be your choice.

  • Arrange multiple products in categories and subcategories in the Megamenu
  • Also, add Product badges to your items to present them to the best advantage
  • Showcase the gallery of your products in a smart well-organized carousel and demonstrate your slides with promos or new products with the help of Slider
  • Not to get lost, your clients may use various Sorting options and arrange their search results in the way they find most suitable
  • Moreover, to communicate your news to your clients, apply Newsletter Subscription to your store

eyewear Shopify theme

Details | Demo

As you can see, there are lots of different ways to create and run a powerful online store that deals with beauty and fashion. If you want to find out more about TemplateMonster Company that developed these wonderful themes, you can see more on TemplateMonster website.

Not to waste your precious time, you may want to delegate the creation of your company’s site to professionals that will take into consideration all your demands. In such a case, you can address Service Center and be sure that everything will be done in the best possible way.

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