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How to translate Beaver Builder WordPress sites with Weglot

Choosing the right CMS platform to build your website is always going to be a difficult choice. With numerous options out there for no-code tools, it’s often easier to pick a CMS that allows you to build aesthetically pleasing websites without the need for any developer knowledge. 

Whilst WordPress is currently the CMS of choice for more than 34% of the internet – not everyone is as confident at building a website on this website technology if they lack HTML knowledge. 

Luckily there are a number of well known WordPress page builders that take the hassle out of creating a WordPress site by allowing you to create beautifully designed pages without any code. 

In this article we’ll take a look at Beaver Builder, which is currently being used on more than a million WordPress sites. 

With their simple drag-and-drop WordPress site builder and a choice of 30 themes, you can take control of the layout and design of your site through easy customization options – taking the hard work out of WordPress website development. 

And, if you’re creating a WordPress website one of the things you might be hoping to do is add multiple languages so you can target numerous markets. 

In this article we’ll show you how easy it is to create a multilingual Beaver Builder site, using Weglot, a WordPress translation solution trusted by more than 50,000 websites. With zero compatibility issues, Weglot works with all WordPress plugins and themes

How to translate your Beaver Builder WordPress site

Whilst you might think there are a number of steps to take to make your WordPress Beaver Builder site multilingual, in fact, it’s a quick and simple process. 

  1. Create your WordPress site using Beaver Builder 
  2. Install Weglot 
  3. Manage and edit your translations 

Create your WordPress site using Beaver Builder

As part of Beaver Builder page builder, you’ll have access to 30 fully responsive, customizable themes to choose from. You can of course also start with a blank template if you’re confident enough to design a site from scratch using their page builder.  


Once you’ve chosen your template or started from a blank page you can use Beaver Builder’s simple interface to customize the template with their drag-and-drop elements. 

After selecting the ‘Minim’ template from the options available, this is what your site will look like:


You can then customize the layout by adding new rows, columns and media and changing the text to include your website copy. Be as creative as you like, Weglot can translate any element you add to your Beaver Builder built WordPress site. 

Just a quick comment on the language – at this point, create your website in the default language of your site. 

Install Weglot 

Now that you’ve created your WordPress site using the Beaver Builder and finished up adding the content to your site, it’s now time to translate it! 

The next few steps take just five minutes to complete. 

Install Weglot through the WordPress Directory. Once installed, click activate.


You’ll then have a Weglot tab added to your WordPress Dashboard. You’ll need to click on it to finalize your configuration


Once you’ve completed those quick steps, you’ll want to go into your Weglot tab so you can add your unique API key – which is available from your Weglot Dashboard (create a Weglot account). 


It’s at this point that you can choose the languages you actually want to translate and display your site into. Simply add the original language of your site and the destination languages (the new languages you want to add). 

You can select as many languages as you would like, depending on which plan you’ve signed up to

And…voila! Once you’ve clicked save your multilingual Beaver Builder built WordPress site in now live. Complete with an automatically added language switcher. 

Without having to add a single line of code you can customize your language switcher to fit the design and look of your site. 

Choose options such as flags, language name or even language code. Play around with the options to see what works best for you


By default the language switcher will be added in the bottom right of your WordPress site. But, you can also edit this too. 


Manage and edit your translations

One of the great advantages of Weglot is that just like Beaver Builder and its user friendly interface and editor, the same can be said for the way Weglot allows you to manage and edit your translations. 

Weglot works by using a first layer of automatic translation for the content of your WordPress site. Depending on the language pair Weglot uses a mixture of Microsoft, DeepL, Google and Yandex to translate your site. 

The best part is you can edit any of your translations manually! And, through an intuitive ‘in context’ editor which allows you to change a translation through a live preview of your site. 

Translating Beaver Builder website content, menus, widgets and forms 

To access the visual editor go into the ‘visual editor’ tab in your Weglot Dashboard. You’ll then be taken to a live preview of your Beaver Builder WordPress site. Check out our demo site to see Weglot and Beaver Builder in action. 

To check what’s translatable on your site, hold down the ‘command’ button or click on “Highlight translatable elements” – anything highlighted in red can be manually edited. 


This includes buttons, navigation menus, widgets and forms. Your edited translations are then automatically saved in your Weglot Dashboard. Click on the green pencil icon to change a translation.

Translating images 

You might want to change an image so it’s more appropriate for your new target market. 

Translating any images you’ve added with Beaver Builder works the same way as text. 

To do that you can again access the images through the ‘visual editor’ and then change the image URL to a different image file that would work better for your new target market. 

It’s also possible to change and localize any videos you might have installed on your site. Click on the video you want to change and simply change the URL to link to the new video. 

If you prefer to edit your translations outside of the ‘in context’ editor that’s also possible! Manage them by URL through the ‘translations’ tab of your Weglot Dashboard. 

Create a multilingual WordPress site with Beaver Builder and Weglot

Beaver Builder gives you the opportunity to create beautifully designed WordPress sites with a helpful drag-and-drop interface and no need for code. 

Then use another no-code tool – Weglot – to make your website multilingual ready so you can start targeting new markets for global growth! 

Combining both plugins enables you to create a custom built WordPress site, accessible to the world.  

Discover more about Weglot and test it for yourself through the 10 day free trial – with access to all the features of a paid plan. 

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