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Translate your MailOptin campaigns with Weglot

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Converting website users into subscribers through optin campaigns such as popups and banners, is one of the key ways marketers capture potential new leads. 

They can convert your traffic, build your email list and ultimately drive more sales

Growing your subscriber list means you can reach a bigger pool of potential customers and grow your business tenfold

But, if you’ve translated your website to reach a wider audience, you’ll also want to make sure you can capture leads in your new markets too.  

Within this article we’ll take a specific look at MailOptin, which works effortlessly together with Weglot – meaning your optin campaigns can be fully translated, in just minutes

Why translate your optin campaigns  

It’s a common mistake to focus solely on translating just the written content on your site. But, there are a number of other elements you’ll also want to translate to make sure you’re giving the same site experience to all your users

And this includes your popups and any call-to-actions you have on your site. 

You’ve added an optin campaign on your site for a reason, so that you can generate a higher conversion rate. 

But, if your users can’t read and signup in their own language, then there’s little hope that they’ll take any action – which means your hopes of capturing leads in your new markets will be low.  

WordPress optin campaigns | MailOptin 

There are numerous WordPress optin campaign plugins to choose from. But, if you’re looking for a way to create well designed, effortless signup forms that integrate with most email marketing software (including MailChimp, Constant Contact etc), then MailOptin is a great place to start. 

MailOptin is an intuitive and powerful form builder, allowing you to create beautifully designed popups, call-to-actions and banners on your website that link directly to your email list.


With MailOptin, you can choose to add your popup/ banner signup form to any widget ready part of your website, giving you the flexibility to decide where you’ll best convert your website visitors. 

In terms of design, grab the attention of your site visitors with DisplayEffect, which brings animation to your optin forms. 

They also have useful features such as an A/B split testing tool so you can play around with different text and positions, eliminating any guesswork around what drives your site visitors to convert. With this feature you can be sure you’re making data-driven decisions. 


And, the good news. MailOptin’s optin campaigns are fully compatible with Weglot (just like all WordPress plugins). Meaning, you can collect leads no matter the language of your site visitors. 

Let’s take a quick look at how it works.

How to translate your MailOptin campaigns using Weglot

Translating your WordPress site is a seamless process when you use a translation plugin like Weglot. Weglot automatically detects all your content, including any plugins you’ve added to your site, such as MailOptin. 

Its quick, simple setup means you can have a multilingual WordPress site – plus an automatically added language switcher – up and running in less than 5 minutes. 

Firstly, you’ll want to install the MailOptin plugin on your WordPress site and start creating your first optin campaign form. 

You can find out how to integrate with your optin campaigns with your email marketing software here

Now it’s time to get Weglot involved! This simple process takes just 5 minutes. All you need to do is:

  1. Install and activate the Weglot plugin on your WordPress site
  2. Go to your Weglot tab on your WordPress dashboard 
  3. Add your API key (this is available through your Weglot dashboard)
  4. Select the original language of your site and the languages you want to add to your site, then click save 

Your WordPress site is now fully multilingual! 

You’ll now see a language switcher has been added to your site, which you can customize through your Weglot tab (without the need for any code). Users of your site can now switch between the language of their choice. 

And, now for your optin forms. The best news…there’s nothing to do here – Weglot has automatically detected them and translated them for you! 

If you want to make an edit to the translated version, you can go into your Weglot dashboard and search your translations list. 

Check out our Weglot and MailOptin demo site here.


Adding optin campaigns to your site is an effective way to gather leads and help increase your conversions. They’re a great tool to grab the attention of your site visitors and drive leads. 

If you’re translating your website, it just makes sense to make sure all your optin campaigns are also translated, so you can make the most of entering new markets and build your email lists in each country you’re doing business in. 

Using MailOptin and Weglot means you’ll have translated optin campaigns with minimal effort! 

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