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Weglot and Cloudways: A Perfect Match for WordPress Multilingual Websites

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Sometimes we need to offer content in several languages ​​on our site whether it is to address various audiences or to be present internationally.

“We speak English – Hablamos Español “: you have noticed these signs hanging on the windows of the shops in the tourist areas. Ecommerce store with multiple languages options increase the chances of attracting customers who would love to shop without having to surf Google Translate every ten seconds. It’s exactly the same thing on the Internet. If your activity affects more than one country, a multilingual website is all right. When your visitors arrive on your site and they will be surprised to find explanations in English or in their own language. Therefore, they will also be more inclined to take out their credit card for shopping.

For an effective multilingual website, you cannot just translate your texts from one language to another. It is the whole structure of your site that is turned upside down, from the menu to the images to the mobile version. Fortunately, Weglot: Translation as a service, is designed to simplify the lives of those who work in different countries or have different regional customers. All technical aspects of your site are automatically translated without any hassle.

Why Hosting is Important for Multilingual Website?

Nowadays almost every other provider claims to be the best hosting provider—but most of them fails when it comes to provide exceptional features and services to their clients including hosting of multilingual websites.

Now, you must be questioning yourself, how to find the best cloud hosting provider which is ready to cater all your needs and takes care of your technical as well as server-related issues. Right? So, don’t worry! We have bring you one of the best cloud hosting provider, i.e, Cloudways.

Cloudways —Managed Cloud Hosting Platform

Cloudways is one the leading cloud hosting provider for web developers, designers, freelancers, bloggers, and creative agencies. It provides top-tier cloud infrastructures with 99.9% uptime and DDos protection from attackers.

Now, let’s explore in detail what Cloudways has to offer for website owners, whether they are design agencies, ecommerce stores, web developers, or marketers.

Advantages of Cloud Hosting with Cloudways

Easy Scaling: You can easily scale up or down the resources and cut the costs of using Cloudways hosting solution.

Cost Proportional to Usage: Since the cost is proportional to the use, one pays for exactly the resources used by the website or the app.

Topnotch Cloud Infrastructure: Cloudways allows you to host your website or application on top-of-the-line IaaS partners including AWS, GCE, DIgitalOcean, Vultr and Kyup.

Ready for Everything: Cloudways Platform is ideal for all types of projects, including ecommerce stores powered by WooCommerce and Magento.

Support by Experts: Cloudways offers 24x7x365 support that is delivered by experts who understand the platform and the hosting challenges for various applications.

Features and Services of Cloudways

Over years, Cloudways has perfected its features set to make sure that the users receive the best ROI for their investment. Here is a look at some of the popular Cloudways services and features:

Multiple Cloud Infrastructure Providers: These infrastructure providers allow you to host your website or application on DigitalOcean, Vultr, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform Live and Kyup.

Multiple Data Centers: With more than 40 data centers across the world, Cloudways ensures that you do not have to worry about downtime. In addition, you could host your website closest to the target audience, minimizing page load time.

Multiple Apps Support: Cloudways supports hosting of PHP-based web apps. In total, Cloudways offers more than 10 apps installation options, including vanilla PHP.

Dedicated Environment: Every server on Cloudways comes with dedicated resources, including RAM, CPU, bandwidth, and storage.

SSD-Based Hosting: Hosting your website applications and servers cuts your load time and help you get high SERP results in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo etc.

CloudwaysBot: The smart assistant helps you in optimizing hosted servers and provides real-time performance insights. These insights are delivered through pre-selected communication channels.

1-Click Cloning: Tired from copying your website’s content one file at a time? This feature allows you to replicate the entire website in a single-click.

1-Click Backup & Restore: This feature creates a backup that could be restored almost immediately — all in one click.

1-Click Scaling: If you are getting unexpected traffic on your website, then with a single click, you can increase your server size to accommodate the increased traffic.

Team Collaboration: Cloudways believes in teamwork that’s why allows its users to collaborate with other team members. It also allows users to assign different roles to each users.

Staging Area & URLs: It’s a must-have area for every website owner because it allows them to test the new features, plugins, or any other upgrades before making a website live.

1-Click Domain Mapping: Whether you are using a single domain or multiple domains for your website — domain mapping is now on your single click.

Git Deployment: Developers can now integrate and managed their GitHub repository with Cloudways Platform.

Server Settings: Cloudways simple and easy to use console allows its users to change their server settings without getting riddled into any technical issue.

Platform Level Firewalls: All servers and web applications are protected with Cloudways sophisticated platform level firewalls that detect and block all unwanted connections and requests.

SSH & SFTP Access: This feature allows you to easily and securely transfer all your files and database to your servers.

Real-time Monitoring: Cloudways smartly monitors your server insights and periodically notifies you about your server-related configurations.

1-Click SSL: Cloudways offers its users 1-free SSL certificate by Let’s Encrypt. These SSL certificates are trusted by all major browsers.

ThunderStack: It is a Cloudways homemade caching technology which comprises of servers (Nginx, Apache), cache (Varnish, Redis, Memcached) and databases (MySQL and MariaDB).

CloudwaysAPI: CloudwaysAPI allows developers to integrate Cloudways services without any hassle. When in doubt, the developers have access to PlayGround, where they could try out Cloudways API without any issues.

Facing Traffic Spikes? Use Cloudways Auto-Scalable Hosting Solution

Cloudways provides auto-scalability with Kyup. Traffic surges are pretty common, particularly in the case of ecommerce stores. Through Kyup, Cloudways allows the website or store to scale the resources automatically to deal with traffic surges.

Pricing & Plans

Cloudways offers “Pay As You Go” model that ensures low operational costs for the users. In this model, the user only pays for the resources they consume. This way, they do not have to pay for unused capacity and the overall cost of operating the website is very economical.  The following image shows the details of the Cloudways pricing & plans.

Do you like what you read? If YES, then sign up for a free trial on Cloudways and experience the benefits of managed cloud hosting.

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