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Weglot Customer Showcase: Multilingual Shoe Brands

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Welcome to another Weglot Customer Showcase, where we show off our customer’s stunning multilingual websites. In this article, we’ll take a look at shoe brands that are going the extra mile to provide their international visitors a localized customer experience! 

From LTR to RTL translation practices to unique language switcher styles, there’s a lot to learn about going multilingual from these brands. If you’re ready to get inspired, here are 5 amazing multilingual shoe brands that are using Weglot! 


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Say Aloha to Alohas Sandals! This handcrafted shoe brand from Barcelona gets its inspiration from the Hawaiian lifestyle and the concept of endless summer. They are collaborating with bloggers around the world to bring this vision to life through travel photography and encouraging their customers to share their experiences. 

Having entered the European market in 2015, the brand gained fans from all over the world and now they are selling in the US, Australia, Japan, and many other countries. Their website is available in English, Spanish, German and French but language options aren’t the only customization they are offering.

Their language switcher also has a currency converter that allows you to customize your shopping experience with your preferred currency. Considering that uncertainty of the final cost is a major concern for customers, providing a currency converter is sure to clear any doubts and increase the conversion rate. Good thing that Weglot is compatible with all the currency converter apps out there!

Steve Madden (Mexico)

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These boots are made for walking but that’s not just what they do! Thanks to their language switcher, Steve Madden Mexico’s website is available for English speakers too. And quite frankly, it’d be unfair if only Spanish speakers were able to shop from this gorgeous website.

Founder of the company Steve Madden started his business in 1990 in New York with just $1,100 and by selling shoes out of the trunk of his car. The brand then quickly climbed the ladder of success and became one of the top international shoe brands in the world. Now there are 120 Steve Madden stores across the United States, and 250 in over 65 countries — of course including Mexico!

As a big international brand, their websites offer language options depending on the target audience. And adding English to this Spanish website was definitely an effective strategy to improve their traffic and sales! 

New Balance

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Next on the list, we have New Balance Saudi Arabia. This website proves that having both LTR and RTL languages under the same page layout is possible with the right translation solution. 

The transition from the Arabic to the English version of this website is so smooth that you might not realize that anything has changed in the beginning. But in fact, from characters to the position of the language switcher, many details are carefully localized to accompany visitors that speak different languages. 

This shows that translating a website is more than just translating the words, it’s also taking into account details like alignment and cultural preferences. And paying attention to providing a localized experience to customers is what sets international brands like New Balance apart from others.


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Now we’re going to the other side of the world to discover Clarks Canada. As we mentioned in our previous customer showcases as well, most brands offer English and French on their Canadian websites as both languages are widely spoken in the country — and Clarks is no exception.

This British shoe company was founded in 1825 by Cyrus Clark and it’s mainly known for its famous Desert Boots, also known as the Chukka boots. These boots were designed by the founder’s great-grandson Nathan Clark during the Second World War and they are inspired by the boots that are produced in the bazaars of Cairo and worn by British officers.

So the brand owes its initial popularity and success to these iconic boots that are still popular — especially in the UK. Now the company offers various types of shoes from sandals to high heels and it has over 1,400 branded stores around the world. And as a major international brand, multilingual websites are a crucial part of Clarks’ globalization strategy. 


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Lastly, we’ll check out Isotoner from France. If you think that “Isotoner” is an interesting name for a shoe brand, let me tell you the story behind it. The founder of the company Jean-Marie Chanut didn’t know what to do when he immigrated to the US from France in 1860. After trying out different things, he started making gloves and eventually built his own company.

He later developed the first stretchable gloves made of nylon/elastane and decided to call it Isotoner — a combination of the terms isometric and toning. The brand then added umbrellas, belts, and shoes to their product categories and expanded to countries like Spain, Germany, Benelux, and Russia.

Being a multinational company, Isotonic offers English, French, and German on its website. And our favorite part is their very unique language switcher that complements the overall web design and fits perfectly with the rest of the website navigation icons! 


Although their origins, stories, and styles are different, the shoe brands in this showcase have one thing in common: having multilingualism at the core of their international success. By translating your website in minutes, you too can start selling your British boots, Spanish sandals or French slippers to anywhere in the world.

Do you think it’s time for your business to take off like these inspiring shoe brands? Follow their footsteps and translate your website today with a 10 day free Weglot trial or book a demo

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