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Weglot customer showcase: SaaS companies going multilingual

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Nothing brings us more joy than getting to showcase our customers. And, we’re back with another article to bring you 5 Weglot users based around a business model that’s quite literally taking over the world, SaaS (software as a service). 

The SaaS market, established at the turn of this century, has undoubtedly exploded over the last 2 decades. A business model that’s reliable, accessible and with a pricing model spread across the year, companies are turning to SaaS solutions for their pure value. 

Interestingly, according to Forbes, the SaaS industry is expected to grow even more post-COVID. Why? Companies shifting to remote work will ultimately need to rely on more SaaS-based offerings. 

Not to mention all the other benefits such as less time wasted (especially for startups with no time to lose), SaaS solutions allow users to avoid scary, fixed contracts, minimize upfront costs and give well-needed flexibility (particularly beneficial in such a period of uncertainty). 

So, the SaaS industry is clearly here to stay. And when you’re selling software solutions, undoubtedly, language doesn’t need to be a barrier. 

With no constraints such as shipping and logistical challenges ecommerce stores can face – SaaS solutions really only need to add Weglot and start selling to multiple markets, internationally. 

So, let’s take a look at these 5 savvy software solutions. 


Slidebean homepage
Visit live site

CMS: Webflow
Country: US
Available languages: French, Spanish, Filipino, German, Arabic

Headquartered in New York, Slidebean is an online platform that allows users to create on-demand presentations. Having completed its first seed funding in 2016, it’s now valued as a multi-million dollar company with an expansion plan that has seen them add 5 languages to its site. 

Creating valuable, information-driven presentations is not an easy task but through Slidebean they’ve set out to help companies achieve all that and more. 

With a specific focus on helping startups pitch for funding, this SaaS solution supports the full process. From the decks, to content support through their informative blog and resources, and even a consultancy option – this is one full-solution brand. 

Built on Webflow (like many SaaS companies), Slidebean started their Weglot journey by adding Spanish after realizing creating multiple websites for multiple languages was just not going to work. 

We spoke to Slidebean in more detail about their multilingual journey and after adding only Spanish to their site, they saw a 200% increase in Spanish-speaking visitors. 

So it’s with even greater pleasure since that chat, that we’ve now helped them add a further 4 languages to help them expand their business further and reach potential customers all over the world. 

When translating a site, it can be tempting to exclude certain pages but that won’t give the same user experience to all your new customers. So we have to give top marks to Slidebean for the translation of their blog and resources for every language available. 

French blog Slidebean


Lemlist homepage
Visit live site

CMS: Webflow
Country: France
Languages: English

A SaaS roundup wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Lemlist. A powerful tool that helps you send cold emails that actually get a response. Easily integrated with all email providers, it doesn’t take long to start sending warmer automated emails to new prospects. 

And, when it comes to their website, they’re ticking all the boxes for SaaS website design. Perhaps what’s noticeable about Lemlist is that they’ve gone for a slightly more muted color pallet and have let the words do the talking. 

Talking about words, they’ve translated their website into English to start targeting global markets with the US and UK firmly on their radar. 

Let’s talk about that language switcher whilst we’re on the subject…They made use of the amazing language switchers that Webflow agency Finsweet created for us to share with Weglot users. 

It fits perfectly with the design of their site and writing the languages natively – English and Français – is great for localization as it means the native reader can easily find their language option. 

Like all good marketers, they’ve put some of their biggest clients center stage on their homepage, giving maximum social proof and showcasing some pretty impressive names.


Utopia homepage
Visit live site 

CMS: Webflow
Country: Italy
Available languages: English

GDPR is an EU law that’s not just limited to those in Italy, so it makes sense that Utopia has opted to add English as its second language for the thousands of EU companies that can also benefit from its software.  

When you first land on the site, you’re greeted by an animated illustration showing exactly how its software works – a key way that SaaS companies showcase their products. It brings instant impact. 

Top marks for the next section on their homepage where it cuts straight to the chase – with a review carousel. Utopia know a thing or two about using social proof to give reassurance to its potential customers. And, when you’re using Weglot as a translation solution, this type of content is also 100% translated. 

They’ve switched on Weglot’s auto-switch function that means if you’re browsing the web in English, you’ll be taken to the English version and vice versa for those searching in Italian. But fear not, there’s always the backup of the language switcher which they’ve placed in the footer, for anyone wanting to change their language option manually. 

Utopia language switcher


Dropcontact homepage
View live site

CMS: Webflow
Country: France
Languages: English

And, whilst we’re on the subject of GDPR, let’s take a look at Dropcontact, a 100% GDPR compliant email finder software.

We most certainly see a theme developing here with another animated illustration depicting in simple terms their software. And the website remains coherent with the use of additional GIFs to showcase the main features of using Dropcontact. 

The key to a good multilingual website is that it shouldn’t look different from its original site and that’s something Dropcontact has got very right. How? Take a look at the different GIFs in the two languages of their website, they’ve done the extra mile and created a French and English version. This is easily achieved using Weglot, where you can effortlessly translate an image.

illustration in French
illustration in English

Subtle changes like this really add to the overall localization of your website. 

They’ve also made good use of the Weglot glossary. RGDP in English is GDPR, so when a machine translation provider translates this, it doesn’t understand (not yet anyway!) that it’s an acronym. 

To make things easier setting up rules like ‘always translate’ RGDP to GDPR in English will make the translation process smoother and avoid any confusion from their English-speaking audience. 

Dropcontact has also decided to add their language switcher to the footer of their website, but as we mentioned before, that isn’t a problem if you’ve turned on Weglot’s auto-redirect feature. 


Elevo homepage
Visit live site

CMS: Webflow
Country: France
Languages: English

Another French SaaS company for you. This time we’re taking a look at Elevo, a software that helps you boost collaboration within your company from an HR point of view – a solution that’s very needed right now with the home office becoming the norm. 

What do we like about this site? They’ve put their 4 main selling points as the main focus of the website, whether you want the basic overview from the homepage, or you’re prepared to go into more detail on their specific product pages, they’ve put the benefits center stage. 

When it comes to language options they’ve opted to add English just like our friends Lemlist – recognizing the power of adding one of the most spoken languages in the world to their site.

language switcher elevo

We also like how they’ve displayed their language switcher, placing it as the main focus on the top right corner of their website, so people can see immediately what personalization options they have.

Summing up 

So, whilst there was never any intention to make this a Webflow focused article, it really does seem like this no-code tool is the CMS of choice for the SaaS industry. 

We can’t say we blame them – they’ve all created impressive-looking websites that give the right impression to potential customers, without code. 

We’ve taken you through 5 great SaaS websites all making use of Weglot to reach new countries, continents and ultimately new customers. And, when it’s as simple as adding Weglot to your website to sell your SaaS product worldwide, there’s really no excuse not to try us! 

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