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WordPress Granada Community – Interview with David Pérez

For this new episode of our blog series on WordPress communities, we are happy to interview David Pérez from WordPress Granada.

Thanks again David for your time and support.

You can find news on the Granada WordPress community on their website or on Twitter.

Who is the Granada WordPress community?

Granada WordPress community was created in February 2016 by Fran Torres, a well known person in the Spanish community, and we were making Meetups every month. In November, we have made the first WordCamp in Granada, and it was the third biggest WordCamp in term of users in Spain.

Ángel Moreno was co-organizing the meetups with Fran, and he’s been a important volunteer in the WordCamp. And I have been co-organizing meetups since October 2016, recording all the events  and uploading them to WordPress TV.

WordCamp Granada was an important milestone for the Granada WordPress Community. We have created a team that could make different groups to take care of design, communication, catering, volunteers, web, sponsorship and venue… The whole team was: Antonio Martínez, Francisco Torres, Amal Amrani, Jesús Yesares, Zacarías Calabria, Raúl Pérez, Daniel Jiménez, Guillermo García, Ángel Moreno and me.

We are now about 420 members and are a very active community, with now planned meetups for the next four months in 2019.

What is your background, what should our readers know about you?

I’m David Pérez, Manager at Closemarketing, an Online Marketing Agency that works for Smalls and medium companies that want to be more visible online.

We do all our Websites in WordPress, so we are specialized in this platform since 2010. We actually make themes with the Genesis Framework and we also make plugins.

For how long have you been using WordPress? And why you’ve chosen WordPress?

I’ve started using Joomla in 2009, but it was very difficult to make websites and even manage the content, so when I discovered WordPress in 2010, I fell in love with the platform, because it is so easy to use thanks to all the plugins.

Since that date, we’ve never used another platform. Before, we were always explaining why it’s better to choose WordPress over Joomla or Prestashop. Now we don’t argue anymore and WordPress is our choice every time.

How did you get involved in the WordPress community?

It was a pity for me not discovering the community before. I’ve participated to a lot of events and WordCamps, but I didn’t really understand what it was all about. When the meetup in Granada was created, Fran and Angel were speaking about WordCamps and why we should go to these events.

My first WordCamp was in Chiclana in 2017. I was very surprised to see how people openly speak to each other and how open the community is. I’ve seen people from Granada and popular people from Spain. They were answering questions and working together in the Contributor day. I also like the After Party where you can speak with each others.

Then I decided to go to every WordCamp at least in the south part of Spain and every one that could be very interesting and easy to reach. I’m also going to WordCamp Europe in Berlin 2019 for the first time. I’m sure it’s the most important event that you can go to for the WordPress community.

Today you’re playing a key role in the WordCamp organization, tell our readers more about the biggest challenges, the innovations and the new trends of the WordCamp Granada.

Our biggest challenges are keeping the community active after a big effort such as WordCamp Granada. We’ve worked a lot for this event but we must keep organizing interesting meetups. Those events will make or break the future of our community. We record all our meetups in order to make them more visible, and we will for sure try to make the most important ones available in streaming. That’s a big effort, but I’m sure that we can make it.

We are trying as well to collaborate with other WordPress communities in order to make it easier to organize WordCamps. To do so, we are going to share all our methods and communication documents and processes, that have helped us to sell all the tickets one month before WordCamp Granada.

For you, what’s the magical recipe for a successful WordPress WordCamp or Meetup?

I think that there is no magic, it’s work and motivated people who make good things for the Community. We do think that having  a big community will facilitate Granada to be in the map of Technology and WordPress community.
And of course creativity… you can see the opening speak with Fran Torres. It was very surprising for all of us.

What will be the future of the Granada WordPress community?

We have a new project: the candidacy for WordCamp Europe Hosting City in 2020. We are very enthusiastic, and we think we could offer a good venue and city to make it possible.

Granada is a special city because it has big contrasts: Mountain and beach in less than 1 hour, Alhambra one of the most well known monuments in the World, our people that are open and friendly, and what can we say about Tapas, food that you can eat while you’re drinking!

And if we can’t make it has a Host City (I think I will be very difficult because there are big cities applying), we will organize a second WordCamp and we will try to make it at least as good as the first one.

We have a lot of projects in mind, and WordPress is always in all of them!

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