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Yoast and Weglot for multilingual SEO

In the past few months, we had some people asking us “Does Weglot work with Yoast“?
In this short article I’m going to show you that Weglot perfectly translates SEO tags added by Yoast when building a multilingual website. Even better, it’s automatically done by Weglot.


What code does Yoast SEO add to your website?

First, it’s important to understand what Yoast adds to your page’s source code.
When you create a page, there are several information about the page that are “invisible” to human visitors but that are important. Those information are placed in the <head> section of your page, in <meta> tags. For example, you have a meta description tag where you enter a description of your page which will be used when showing your results in Search engines, like Google.

Let’s have a look at the meta tags that are present in your webpage without Yoast first:


As you can see, there is the <title> tag but no meta description tags.


Now let’s activate Yoast and see what changed:


Yoast SEO has added several meta tags in your webpage:

  • meta description: This short text is used for search engine and tells what is your page about.
  • meta og: These are meta used by Facebook (og = open graph). They are important to control what is being rendered by Facebook when someone for example shares your page on Facebook. It controls what text will be displayed by Facebook.
  • meta twitter: This is the same as for Facebook. These tags control what is displayed by Twitter when you share a post.

Yoast SEO automatically added tags for you. But what about multilingual pages now?

How Weglot works with Yoast?

When you make your website multilingual, it’s important that meta tags added by Yoast are also present on the translated pages but also, that their content is translated.

Many multilingual plugins don’t support this but Weglot does it automatically for you. When you activate Weglot, a new URL for each language is created and the meta tags are automatically added and translated!

Let’s have a look at the translated page by Weglot:


As you can see, the <title> is translated by Weglot but also:

  • meta description
  • canonical link is changed
  • og tags are correctly translated
  • twitter description and title are also translated

This is done automatically and doesn’t require any extra work. Of course, you can easily modify the translations of your meta tags in your Weglot dashboard.

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